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The Waters Comeback into a Top Deck

The ReBeL

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I'm having a hard time reading and understanding the effect. Try posting the text under the card when its a long effect. Your OCG is not bad but certainly could use some work as I'm having a hard time understanding the effect.


Rebels isn't a real type and theres no explanation for it so go back and rethink this card.

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This card cannot be special summoned except by fusion summon. You do use polymerization. If a Deep Sea Diva was used as a material monster for this card special summon a fish or sea serpent from your graveyard once per turn. That monsters attack is reduced by 500. You can tribute this card to destroy all water monsters on the field. You can then special summon a water monster from either gave regardless of summoning conditions.

Fusion Material Monsters 2 water monsters. Level 2 each. or 1 and 3.

The water will become the best deck in the world.

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special summoned should be Special Summoned


fusion summon should be Fusion Summon


fish or sea serpent should be Fish or Sea Serpent-Type monster


graveyard should be Graveyard


tribute should be Tribute


water should be WATER


plus Rebels isn't a real type


also, I can't fully understand what the effect is getting at

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