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[WC10] Dark Trade

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I'm really bad with names. =/


M - 24

3 Dark Creator

3 DL Zerato

2 DL Suberbia

1 Dark Horus

2 Norleras


2 Caius

3 Tomato

3 PoC

3 Armageddon Knight



S -10

1 Heavy


1 B Con

1 RotA

1 Allure

3 Trade-In

1 Foolish

1 Reasoning


T - 6


1 TT

1 MF

1 RftDD

1 Solemn


3-0 on Wi-Fi.

[spoiler=Duel 1]

-Me(1): Set tomato and end.

-Him(2): NS Dark Grepher, discard Necro for ???

Attack Tomato, summoning Armageddon, dumping Norleras. End.

-Me(3): (Can't remember exact order) Topdeck Dark Creator w/PSZ, PoC on Norleras, NUKE! SS Dark Creator, SS Zerato, attack. End.


The rest is a blur, but I won on turn 5. I think he forgot about his Necro, not that it would have helped.



[spoiler=Duel 2]

Despite it happening earlier, I've forgotten it. He was running Countdown, so it took a little longer. Waboku and Battle Fader slowed me down a touch, but he surrendered in the face of D Creator, Superbia, Zerato, and Horus.



[spoiler=Duel 3]

Dark Creator wins games.

He Brio'd my Goyo, I Goyo'd his Brio, He TRA'd his Brio, I Goyo'd his TRA, he Gale'd my Goyo and attacked with Bora and then BRD'd his TRA. I summoned Dark Creator. The rest is self-explanitory.




I so want to make this IRL but I live IN AMERICA so I can't have the Superbias. I was thinking to replace them with Dark Horus.


Any input?

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