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Vampire mountain(Cirque du freak): Anyone can join!

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Welcome to vampire mountain, please enjoy your self.


1.Follow all YCM rules

2.No spaming

3.If you read Cirque du freak/sage of darren shan(or if you watched the movie "Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant") please dont not spoil it for other people.




[spoiler=Application form]

Name(it does not have to be your username):


Why do you want to join?:




Vampire prince(Admin/super mod):The highest rank, the princes watch over the over vampires. The princes have the power to send some one to the hall of death to be executed(Banned forever)

Vampire generals(Mod): Vampires that are respected, Along with the princes they dicide what to do, they watch over other vampires.

Veteran vampire: An old vampire that has stayed with the club for a long time, they are respected by other vampires.

Full vampire: A half vampire that has stayed with the club for a while.

Half vampire: A person that joins the club or is recruted. A half vampire does not have the same powers as a vampire.

Vampaneze(Banned mamber): A seprate race of vampires, when they drink the blood of humans they kill them.



[spoiler=List of members]

Jonathan(Shadow wind) = Vampire prince



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