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Yet another Machina Army (suggestions :D)

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I know I'm like probably the 102398192th person to post about machinas but, I love machines X3 lol. But, here's my machina deck that I made. Trying to make it mostly magic in the deck. Reason being, I have had bad run ins with using traps...example...jinzo or royal decree lol. Mostly Earth Attribute and while running a union type deck. So, any suggestions on modifying or any side deck cards I should consider? My tatic is rush in, clear the field, and destory. Pretty simple eh, for being on a budget lol. (might add in jinzo...if I can afford the guy xD)



Machina Fortress: x2

Machina Gearframe: x2

Machina Soldier: x2

Machina Sniper: x2

Machina Peacekeeper: x2

Yellow Gadget: x2

Green Gadget: x2

Red Gadget: x2

Scrap recycler: x2

Shreddder: x1

Oilman: x2

Cyber Dragon: x1

Blast Sphere: x1

Heavy Mech Support Platform: x3

Cyber Valley: x1

Morphtronic boomboxen: x1



Cold Wave: x1

Solidarity: x2

Frontline Base: x1

Swords of revealing light: x1

Machina Armored Unit: x2

Lightning Vortex: x1

Big Bang Shot: x2

Brain Control: x1

Giant Trunade: x1

Fissure: x1

Machina Assembly Line: x2

Mystical Space Typhoon: x1

Gaia Power: x2



Torrential Tribute: x1

Raigeki Break: x1

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