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Monarch Dragons


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LORE:Caius The Shadow Monarch+1 or more Dragon-Type monsters

This cards attack is equal to the combined attack of the monsters used to Fusion Summon it.




LORE:Granmorg The Rock Monarch + 1 Dragon with DEF of 2000 or more.

When this card is Sucesfuly Fusion Summoned destroy all Spell and Traps on your opponents side of the field.




LORE:Kuraz The Light Monarch + 1 Dragon Type with over 1900 ATK

When this card is Successfuly Fusion Summoned you cab Special Summoned any Level 7 or 8 monster with Dragon in its name from your extra deck.




LORE:Mobius The Frost Monarch+1 Dragon with over 2000 ATK

When this card is Successfuly Fusion Summoned destroy 2 cards on your opponents side of the field.




LORE:Raiza The Storm Monarch + 1 Wind Type Dragon Monster

This card gains 700 ATK for each Dragon Type Fusion Monster on your side of the field.




LORE:Thestalos The Firestorm Monarch + Any Dragon-Type Monster

This card can not attack on the turn it is summoned.




LORE:Zaborg The Thunder Dragon + 1 Dragon-Type monster

Any monster that battles with this card is destroyed after the Battle Phase(Danage calculation is applied normaly)



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