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Yugioh Fanfic, revenge of the mirror duelists


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My fanfic in a full thread! hope you like it now!!

These are the chapters:

-Chapter 1, A new city!Remeeting an old friend!

-Chapter 2,The Mirror Tournament, Dueling for Entry!

-Chapter 3, Cronei's Time god, amazing strategy!


at the bottom, all character information is written!!


CHAPTER 1: A new city! Remeeting an old friend!

In a overloaded train riding to Grand City, June Tenshiko, an 18 year old girl with Long blond hair wearing a short blue skirt and a leather jacked that just graduated from Duel Academy, is on her way to her new appartement, where she will come to live in with a good friend of hers. When the train stopped in the Grote area, she was finally able to get of that overloaded train. When she got of the train, a girl with dark hair in 2 ponytails, wearing a short red dress and a black-red duel disk, runs toward her while shouting:" June, you're finally here". While giving her a hug! June anwered" yes, i missed you so much Rei, its a long time ago that i last saw you".Rei smiled and said"Yeah, since graduation on Duel Academy!"


While walking out of the station, the girls talked about Duel Academy, the appartement,.. Sudenlly June stopped walking. "Whats wrong?" did her friend asked.

"Rei Feue, I challenge you to a duel!"June said while walking away, and then she turned around and smiled."Well, are you in?" . "Hihi! Of course i'm in!Rei smiled en took her deck out of her handbag."Im always in the mood for a duel!"

June took her deck out of the pocket of her jacket. Then both girls putted their decks in their duel disks.




Im starting! hehe! Draw! said the very confident Rei!I summon flaming tiger in attack mode!

(flame tiger ATK 1500 DEF 800 lv 4 Fire Pyro. effect: once per turn, you can inflict 500 points of damage to your opponent. This card cannot attack during the turn this effect is activated.)

I activate her effect! ! Now you'll be 500 points closer to defeat!

BURNING FANGS!! The tiger pounced toward June and burned her with her fangs.

(LP June 3500)

To finish my turn ill set a card face-down!


"Well, that was predictable!Draw!

I'm summoning Whitewing - Arush the Blue Star in attack mode (Whitewing- Arush the blue star ATK 1800 DEF 1200 LV 4 light fairy. effect: When this card destroys a monster by battle, you can special summon 1 "Whitewing" monster from your deck with 1500 ATK or less, it cannot attack this turn.)

Now Arush, Attack her tiger with BLUE STAR BASH!

(LP Rei 3700)

now ill use her special ability!! BLUE STAR GATE, special summon Whitewing - Mina the lovely chain in defence mode! (Whitewing - Mina the Lovely Chain, ATK 500 DEF 800 LV 2 Light fairy. effect: This card can attack your opponent directly, when this card inflict damage to your opponent, you can destoy 1 spell or trap card your opponent controls)

I'll place this face down and end my turn


Rei thought:"Hmm, her whitewings are as strong as i remember. But i also know there weakness!"I'll show you my mad skills have become even madder!! She said confidently! Draw!!Activate trap card: Burning Circle!! (Burning Circle, normal trap:Special summon 1 Fire-attributed monster from your hand)

I special summon flaming fortress dragon in defence mode!(Flaming Fortress Dragon ATK 0 DEF 2200 LV4 fire dragon.effect: Once per turn, you can select 1 Fire-attributed monster you control and inflict damage to your opponent equal to half its attack.)

Next, I normal summon Hot Enchanter in attack mode ("Hot Enchanter ATK 1600 DEF 500 LV 4 fire spellcaster. effect: Once per turn, you can inflict 300 points of damage to your opponents life points.)

Next i activate both my monsters effect's:

- Flaming fortress dragon: (damage equals half of the ATK of Hot Enchanter)


- Hot Enchanter: PYRUS ATMOSPERE (LP June 2400)

june stoot up from being burned down and said:well well, you haven't changed! Still using that Quick Burnout deck?

Yes of course, Ill show you more with this little spell card: Spell of pure flames!

(Spell of Pure Flames, normal spell: activate only by selecting a LV 4 fire monser on your side of the field,inflict 700 points of damage to your opponent for every LV4 monster on the field.)

there are 3 level 4 monsters on the field so thats 2100 points of damage!SPELL OF PURE FLAMES!! IGNITE!!

(LP June 300)

Now, there are only 300 points left, still want to continue?" June got up from the blow and answered confidently:"Ofcourse, as long as i have cards to play, i'm not giving up!" .

Ow yeah? well just see about that then!i'm placing this face-down and its your turn! Good luck!"Well well, it's hopeless anyway, with my Flame Cilinder trap i'll redirect her next attack to her lifepoints. Making me the winner!" thougt Rei!

June looked at her drawn card and said: Well, lets see what i can do to gain control of this duel!!Rei laughed loud and said: Allright, show me your plan then!!!!

Be careful what you wish for, Draw!!!!! it may come true!

I'm switching Whitewing - Mina the Lovely Chain to attack mode (500 Atk)

next i am summoning Whitewing - Lita the Striking Thunder in attack mode (Whitewing - Lita the Striking Thunder ATK 700 DEF 400 LV2 Light fairy. Tuner/effect: When this card is used for a synchro summon,When that synchro monster attacks, your opponent cannot activate any spell or trap card until the end phase of that turn.)

oh no! A tuner monster!! said a shocked Rei!

You Know what's comming, my Lita the Striking Thunder Will give Arush the Blue Star a tune-up! (lv2+lv4=lv6)



(Sylvia the lightening Lance ATK 2500 DEF 1900 LV 6 Light fairy. synchro/effect: When this card destroys an opponents monster by battle, inflict the diffrence between this cards attack and the defence of that monster to your opponent.)

Well,Well it seems that the tables have turned, my dear friend!

Rei answered cold: "this is not over!"

June ignored her remark and pointed to her face-down card . i'm activating a trap card: Sacrifice Power Merge(Sacrifice Power Merge normal trap: Tribute 1 monster and select 1 monster you control, Increase the ATk of the selected monster by ATk of the tributed monster.)

June: i'm tributing Mina, in order to increase the ATK of Sylvia ( ATK Sylvia 3000)


Rei countered, I Activate my trap, Flame Cylinder... ( suddenly Whitewing - Lita the Striking Thunder appears from the graveyard and destroys the trap, Winks to Rei and dissapears)Oh nO, The special ability of your fallen tuner destroyed my trap!!!

June laughed with Rei's shocked face! Jup! I didn't forgot your trap!!


(LP Rei 2100)

Rei fell down on the ground, but while getting up she mumbeled: this isn't over yet!

June smiled and answered: "Oh its quite over! Ability activate!! When Sylvia destroys an opponents monster by battle the diffrence in her Attack and the Defence of the destroyed monster goes out of your points!"Hot Enchanter had only 500 defence points!! LIGHTENING JUDGEMENT!!

(Rei LP 0)


I WOn! I WON! Ow yeah! June makes a little happy dance, but then runs toward a suddenly quiter Rei. " That was a wicked game! But cheer up, lets go home! We still have a lot of decorating to do! Rei smiled and answered: Yeah your room is still empty!! And ill make some tea!

The girls started running towards their new home!


CHAPTER 2: The mirror tournament: Dueling for entry!

It's morning, a long, white curtain is flowing with the wind. It feels like a good summer morning in July. June Tenshiko is putting on the final touches to her new bedroom. a vase with roses, her jewelry box,... "Everything is finally in its place" she said while smiling satisfait. She walks to her desk and takes her dueldisk and her deck. Suddenly, the alarm from her cellphone starts making noise. "Its time" she tought while walking out of her room. She walked into the living room when she saw Rei waiting for her impatiently. "Finally! I was wondering if you woke up this morning!" she said. "We will be late for registration!! June answered:" Im SO sorry, but come, whe must hurry".


The girls are running quickly through Grote Area. "We will never make it" said Rei! "We will, just go faster!" said June. When they finally arrived at the Grand Mirror Tower, the registration for the Grand Mirror tournament are almost over. When the girls went to the registration lady, 2 tickets where left. "WWHE WWANTT TO REGISSTRATE.... guh guh" said the tired June.The Lady behind the desk answered: "Yes, your lucky these are the last. Your names please??

Suddenly a deep voice said: Atlassor Jain and Cronei Timue!!

"Whatt??" Did the girls yell at the same time!!

Behind them, 2 men where standing, the first one was tall and had spikey red hair, and whore a brown shirt with black lines on, and long, black pants with over them a long, open leather jacket. The second was shorter than the first, but still taller than both girls, he had greenlike hair and whore a black shirt with grey pants and a long, white cape-like vest. "We will take those tickets" said the longest one!!

"Uhm, no we where here first!" yelled Rei at them!

"yeah so go away" said June!

" No no, my lovely ladies" answered Cronei, the shorter one" We Will take those tickets and win that tournament"

The lady at the desk was watching confused.

"No we where FIRST!!!" Answered the now angry Rei.

" I have an idea, my ladies" said Atlassor,"Why don't we have a double duel? Winners take the remaining tickets for the tournament!"

Atlassor thougt: Me and Cronei are pro tag duelists, they don't stand a chance!!

June looked to Rei, who nodded back at her"We accept your challenge!"

Rei said:" You will by defeated by our mad skills!!"


all four of them:yelled:"DUELL!!!!!

"Ladies first!!" said June loud!Allright, let's do this!Draw!!

I summon Whitewing - Shine The Golden Shield in defence mode!(Whitewing - Shine The Golden Shield, ATK 200 DEF 1800 LV 2 Light fairy. Tuner/effect: You can remove this card from your graveyard to negate 1 attack of your opponents monster.)

Next i'll set this face-down and end my turn!

Cronei laughed arrogantly:"Not bad, but not good either!!""Its my turn! I'll draw!!

I activate my continous spell card, Cronos cursed time gate !! (Cronos cursed time gate, continous spell card: During each players stand-by phase, place a "Cronos counter" on this card. You can remove 7"Cronos counters" from this card to special summon "Cronos, the Time Ruler" from your deck. When this card is on the field and there is no monster on your side of the field, you can special summon 1 monster from your hand.)

I activate its effect, I special summon "Timeless Mage" from my hand in attack mode. (Timeless Mage ATK 1700 DEF 1200 LV4 DARK spellcaster. normal monster)

next i summon "Cronos descendant" in attack mode (Cronos Descendant ATK 1600 DEF 2000 LV4 DARK fiend. Normal monster.)

I'll set 2 cards and end my turn.

Rei said:"i don't see why this has use, summoning two weak vanilla monsters and a huge magic door."Cronei got angry and answered" don't insult me, little firefly!"

"I'll make you eat those words!" Answered an insulted Rei.

Atlassor got tired of them arguing and said loud:" JUST DUEL!!


Rei said: Its my turn! And i'll show those clowns what i'm made of! Draw!!

"Now the effect of "Cronos Cursed Time Gate" activates, It gains one Cronos Counter!"said a still arrogant Cronei.

Like i care! I Summon Inferno flame phoenix in attack mode( Inferno Flame Phoenix ATK 1500 DEF 200 LV 4 FIRE pyro. effect: You can return 1 card from your hand to the deck to special summon this card from your graveyard, when this card is summoned this way, inflict 700 points of damage to your opponent.)

I Activate a spell card, Spell of Pure Flames!! (Spell of Pure Flames, normal spell cards. Activate only by selecting 1 LV 4 Fire monster on your side of the fieldn infict 700 points of damage for every LV 4 monster on the field.) There are 3 LV 4 monsters on the field, so you 2 wil lose 2100 Lifepoints.!!


(LP Cronei and Atlassor 1900)

"Good job Rei! "Said an impressed June! Atlassor stoot up from the blow and got really angry;" Ill make you pay for that! I Activate the effect of "Rholoc, The Ogre Golem" in my hand!" (Rholoc, The Ogre Golem ATK? DEF? LV6 Earth rock. effect: This card cannot be normal summoned or set, this card cannot be special summoned exept with is effect. When you take damage from an opponents card effect, you can special summon this card from hand, then this card gains ATK equal to the damage you took.)

I special summon him from my hand!! OH NO!! yelled both girls!!

it has 2100 Attack points! said the scared to lose Rei!

" I set one card and end my turn!"


Atlassor laughed loudly while drawing the top card of his deck! DRAW!!

Now my Gate gains another counter!! Said Cronei!(Cronos Cursed Time Gate has 2 counters)Atlassor looked at his hand and smiled.I Activate my spell, Rising Stalagmites! (Rising Stalagmites, continous spell card: As long as this card is on the field, your opponent cannot activate trap cards during the battle Phase. During your end phase, Remove 1 Rock monster from your side of the field or destroy this card) Next i Summon "Stone Mage" from my hand in defence mode!( Stone Mage ATK 0 DEF 2250 LV4 Earth rock. effect/ Tuner: when a rock-type monster is removed from play, you can special summon 1 Rock-type monster from your deck with the same level!) I'll Attack your Phoenix with Rholoc, Miss Rei!

Oh no, i can't use my trap to protect Rei's monster! Thought June, who's trap was rendered useless by Atlassors Rising Stalagmites.


(Lp Rei and June 3400)

Atlassor laughed arrogantly and ended his turn:I End my turn, so i must remove from play a Rock-type monster or destroy my spell, So goodbye Rholoc!

But now activates the effect of "Stone Mage! I special summon a Level 6 Rock monster from my deck!! So rise, Possessed Statue, in attack mode!! (Possessed statue ATK 2000 DEF 2600 LV6 DARK rock. effect: This is the only monster your opponent is allowed to attack.)



CHAPTER 3: Cronei's Time God, amazing strategy!

It's time for June's Turn!!

I'llDraw!! did June yelled passionantly, and her next draw be better a good one! Because their opponents are getting ahead!

Cronei laughed disrespectful at her and told her about the third Cronos counter on his Cronos Cursed Time Gate. But i'm not going to get distracted by his dirtytalk! I think i'll get the help of an angel, an angel with lance and shield!!

"I Summon Whitewing - Arush The Blue Star in attack mode (Whitewing - Arush the Blue Star ATK 1800 Def 1200 LV 4 Light fairy. Effect: When this card destroys a monster by battle, you can special summon 1 "Whitewing" monster with 1500 ATK or less from your deck. It cannot attack this turn.)

Next i'll tune my level 2 Whitewing - Shine the Golden Shield with my level 4 Whitewing - Arush the blue star!! (LV4 + LV2= LV6)

WHEN THE SKY IS TEARED APART BY ROARING THUNDER,THE WINGS OF GOLD WILL APPEAR! GET READY, ARMED WITH LANCE AND SHIELD, WHITEWING - SYLVIA THE LIGHTENING LANCE!! (Whitewing - Sylvia The Lightening Lance ATK 2500 DEF 1900 LV6 Light fairy. Synchro/effect: When this card destroys an opponents monster by battle, inflict the difference between this card ATK and the destroyed Monsters DEF to your opponent)

Sylvia looked like an angel valkyrie with a long, shiny lance and a Silver, mirrorshield! Her wings are shiny and silver! her long dress moved in the "wind" of the duel. "I'll Attack your Possesed Statue then!!THUNDER SPEAR THURST!Sylvia charged towards the statue of a young woman where an evil spirit is whirling around an taunting June and Rei! "You wish!" Yelled an confident Atlassor! I'm removing the Guardian Statue" from my hand and activating his effect! (Guardian Statue ATK 0 DEF 0Lv 1 EARTH Rock. effect: When a face-up Rock-type monster is attacked, you can remove this card from your hand from play to negate the attack.) Before June's Whitewing Sylvia's Attack broke through, a stone statue rose from the ground and blocked her attack!

"Oh no! and now the ability of your "Rock Mage" activates!!" yelled a shocked Rei!

"Yes myladies!" answered Atlassor with an arrogant smile on his face!

"So with the ability of rock mage, i special summon "Rockfall Golem" in attack mode!(Rockfall Golem ATK 400 DEF 400 LV1 EARTH Rock monster. effect: When this card is special summoned, infict 1000 points of damage to your opponent.) ROCKFALL FISSURE QUAKE!!!!

(LP Rei and June 2600)

"I End my turn..." said June silent! "They are countering all our moves perfectly, and they are just waiting to get enough Cronos Counters, they may be arrogant and disrespectfull, but they're great duelist" is June thinking.

Cronei put his hand on deck and closes his eyes. He then slowly draws the top card! DRaw!! His eyes slowely glided to his drawn card, and he smiled:" First, my Gate gains its fourth counter, second i summon "Time-ring Ghost" in attack mode! (Time-ring Ghost ATK 1500 DEF 2000 LV4 DARK fIend. Normal monster.)

"Now's the time to activate my trap card: Cronos familair magic ( Cronos familiar magic, normal trap card: Tribute any number of normal monsters, then for each monster tributed, put 1 Cronos Counter on a face-up Cronos Cursed Time Gate.)

"I tribute my 3 monsters and place 3 Cronos Counters on my gate! (7 counters on Cronos Cursed Time Gate)

Rei looked bravely at the time gate, but realised that Cronei is going to do something amazing with it!

" Now i'm removing 7 counters from my gate and activating its effect!! I special summon "Cronos, The Time Ruler" from my hand, deck or graveyard!!


Suddenly, the seven stones in the door started shining, while it slowely opened, a gigantic being came out of it! (Cronos, The Time Ruler ATK 3300 DEF 3300 LV 10 DARK Fiend. effect: This card cannot be normal summoned or set, this card cannot be special summoned exect by Cronos Cursed Time Gate. During each players Main Phase 1, you can remove 1 normal monster from your Graveyard from play, if you do your opponent cannot activate the effects of monster cards and all his/her monsters effects are negated. During your end phase, destroy this card if you don't have a face-up Cronos Cursed Time Gate on your side of the field.)

Cronos was a gigantic demon-mage-human-god creature, and Cronei's ace monster! Cronei's happiness was very easy to see, he was so happy that he got his ace monster to the field."Now i'll use the special ability of Cronos, i remove Timeless Mage from my graveyard, so all your monster effects are blocked!"


Cronei was also a very clever duelist! He knew that Whitewing - Shine the Golden shield, a monster in June's graveyard, could protect a monster from being destroyed by removing it from play! But thanks to Cronos, that Strategy failed!

"Now Cronos, Time to deal some damage! Attack Sylvia with TIME FREEZE SHATTER!!!!!!!

(LP June and Rei 1800)

"I end my turn with that!" did Cronei said with his overconfident smile.


Will Rei turn this duel around??






name:June Tenshiko

age: 18

gender: female

deck: Whitewings

hair color: Long blond

eyes: Crystal blue

birthday: 4th of February



name: Rei Feue

age: 19

gender: female

deck: Quick Burnout

hair color: Dark

Eyes: burning Brown

birthday: 10th of October



Name: Atlassor Jain

Age: 20

Deck: Rock Destruction

hair: Spikey Red

eye color: muddy brown

birthday: 16th of January



name: Cronei Timue

Age: 18

Deck: Normal Time Flow

hair: Longer, Greenlike

eye color: Deep purple

birthday: first of January

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