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Let's hope you didn't jump the gun...


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This is the response post to the votes.


Card game name: Golden Powercards.


In some ways, it's like yugioh. The difference being that new types and counters are rather frequent in this new version.


5 values. Attack, Defense, Agression, and Enlightenment. Aps, or action points are used to draw cards, and also play them. The more aps you have, the better.


Bigger, stronger cards are more dangerous.


Types: better increase the size for types, and make it smaller on the cards.

Card versions: Fusions, Rituals, Items, Events, Magics, Traps, Fields, Monsters.

Limitations: Non fusion and ritual forces can have up to 8000 attack and defense. It's otherwise limited to 20k. Agression and enlightnement can be infinite (better have a large amount for that).

Attributes: LOTS! here's the list- [Fire, Lightning, Ice, Wind, Water, Earth, Light, Dark, War, Mystic] - base attributes. [fusion, terra, ultima, rainbow, hell, astral, eldritch, mythic, dungeon, myst] Advanced attributes. Rainbow can be any base attribute, changing once per turn.


Card variants: The m/ts copy that of yugioh, but have Timed:[x] where, x is how many turns it lasts. if Timed(b) then how many of your standby phases, if Timed© then how many of the opponent's standby phases. Field cards are seperate and require a different graphical outlay.

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THAT is what I am trying to accomplish. To be able to show some example cards in that matter.


OK... here's the best equivalent yugioh version (will edit soon):





The differences are many. First, we would need a completely different appearance for each type of card.

Also, instead of levels, there would be APS. The Attributes would also require a limit of THREE to accomodate.


Cards may have special counters. Basically, the attack counters add their amount in attack to ALL YOUR monsters.

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Actually, the differences are reasonably big.


(1) More than quadruple the attributes, and you can have up to THREE per card.


(2) New versions of cards. Namely Events, Field cards, and Items.


(3) Instead of levels, it's APS, or action points.


(4) Not just 2 but FOUR stats.

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Of course you can edit a blank version of the card to an extent where you have your own templates for your game, as you can see below this blank card is good enough to fit all you need in there.





I know it takes alot of time, effort and energy on your part but the finished result will be worth it. Good luck.

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Frunk, may I also have that link? If, of course, it allows me to create templates of my own TCG.


As to not hijack this thread, I won't ramble and rave about it... save that for another thread.


Oh, so this isn't S.P.A.M: Nice. I kinda don't get it, but I'm the kind of person who needs instructions to do anything (not as in, I'm stupid and can't work without it, as in, I won't even begin playing until I know all the rule intricately, inside-and-out.

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