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Hellfire set

shadow wind

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summon should be Summon


special summon should be Special Summon


attack position should be Attack Position


deck should be Deck


for Hellfire Rider I'd give specific summoning requirements


battle phase should be Battle Phase


graveyard should be Graveyard


normal summoned or set should be Normal Summoned or Set


for God of Fire it's a bit boring since it only works against WATER decks, give it another effect



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I am feeling good now, so I'm going to rate each one.


Genesis has a way overused pic. Its effect is also way too bland. WATER decks are few now...I would instead make it burn 2000 upon summoning at least. Possibly destroy 2 cards on the field. For now 6/10


Chariot is a little overpowered even for a Synchro, maybe make it LV 9? For now 8/10


Dragon is a little underpowered due to its LV 7 status. Either make it with 2800 ATK, or change it to a 2350 ATK LV 6. For now 8/10.


Rider is way too OP'ed. Its last effect is unneeded. Give it special summoning restrictions (think it up yourself for originality) and I'll raise its rate by 2. For now 6/10


Kid is OP'ed too. Possibly, make it "pick up", and it'll be perfectly UP'ed, so raise it to 1400. For now 7/10


Searcher is UP'ed due to its stats. Make it LV 3 and 1500. For now 7/10.


Overall 7/10. I see the OCG is bad, but I'm not going to fix it now. The suggestions I made... you could reject them. Just one's opinon ;)

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