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Yeah it's samsra lotus!!! ? Wait what it's doing on my field?

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Yeah this is my crazy idea of making Samsara lotus Burn.


Monsters 20


Lvl 7 or over 4


3x Arcana Force XVIII - The Moon



Lvl 5 or 6



Lvl 4 or lower 16


3x Armageddon Knight

3x Samsara Lotus

2x Mystic tomato


3x Ameba

3x Hydrogeddon




Spells 17


3x Creature Swap

3x Smashing Ground

3x Mystic Box

Giant Trunade

Heavy Storm

Lightning Vortex

Mystical Space Typhoon

Foolsih burial

Pot of avarice

2x Hand Destruction


Traps 8


1x Grave of the Super Ancient Organism

2x Mask of Restrict

2x Reversal of Faith

3x Give And Take


So what are you thinking? any kind of comment is free to come!!!!



Use Samsara lotus eff to summon it to field and give it to your opponet whit moon's effect, or summon Lotus/Ameba and give it to your oppnen't whit Creature Swap or mystix box.

Special summon Lotus to your oppnen't whit give and take.


Simble playbook give amba/Lotus to your opponent to burn.

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