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Yikes!, Tournament on Saturday Im not sure if i can go with this deck!

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i have a tournament on Saturday but im not sure if i can go with this deck!

please rate it and tell me if it is good enought for the tag team tournament..



3x dd warrior lady

3x morphtronic scopen

3x morphtronic radion

3x morphtronic celfon

2x Honest

3x cyber valley

3x shining angel

1x sangan



1x ancient fairy dragon

1x Stardust dragon

2x psychic life trancer

1x sea dragon lord gishilnodon

1x red dragon archfiend

3x power tool dragon

2x iron chain dragon.


Spell and Traps

1x giant trunade

1x united we stand

1x torrential tribute

2x beckoning light

1x lightning vortex

1x MST

2x machine duplication

1x heavy storm

1x megamorph

1x limit reverse

2x morphtronic accelerator

1x morphtronic repair unit

1x mage power

1x brain control

1x call of the haunted

1x pot of avarice

1x unstable evolution

so what do you think.....?

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imo, no its not that strong. Could do alright with a good hand. also imo stick with the warrior ladys, there ok. get rid of morph repair unit, its crap. u need a mirror force its like the staple in evry deck. I like the idea though, depends what u come up against :)

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