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machine king shedder


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be brutal




Cyber Valleyx3


Red Gadgetx2


Cyber Dragonx2


Yellow Gadgetx2




Green Gadgetx2




Blast spherex1


Heavy Mech Support Platformx3


Mchine Kingx1




machine assembly linex2


Rocket Pilderx2




Swords of Revealing Lightx1


Break Drawx3


Machine Duplicationx1






Machine King-3000B.C.x3




Solemn Judgmentx1

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heavy mech support platform sucks. take them all out. seriously they suck they take up a summon and only give a monster 500 attack. Also your running this like its bad machinas but its not. if u added machinas this wud be better but u hav a lot of bad cards like shrink , compulsory , machine assembly line, and break draw. replace them with gud cards like mirror force, d-prison, bottemles trap hole , giant trunade, and heavy storm.

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If it's a Machine King deck, then Machine King should be at 3. There are also other fixes you can make.


-3 Heavy Mech

-1 Blast Sphere


+2 Machine King

+2 Machine King Prototype


-2 Rocket Pilder

-1 Swords

-1 Break Draw


+1 Brain Control

+2 Shrink


-3 Machine King-3000B.C.

-1 Solemn

-1 Compulsory


+2 Bottomless Trap Hole

+1 Mirror Force

+1 Call of the haunted

+2 Waboku

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