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Team Rocket-Sputnik Division


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[align=center] Sputnik was the first Satelitte launched into space. Among all of Rockets group they were the Mobsters to the mobsters. A bogeyman who made sure those who broke the creed of crime would suffer... unpleasant consequences.


That was 3 years ago, now Giovanni is gone, left us to continue training.


My friends,the myths were true, Sputnik was a real group, and they are none to pleased in being taken out of a job. We can start over, a rocket can fly even missing a few pieces, Apollo 13 proved that.


Sp what will it be, will you slowly die out like the obedient dog that you are or will you stay fighting till the end like a true Rocket?



[spoiler=Rocket's creed of crime (rules)]

Absolutely NO asking what the topic is. If so, you receive a warning. Do it twice and you will be banned for a certain amount of time.

No flaming or trolling.

No spamming.

Obey the Executives.

All other YCM rules.

Executives can accept people.

All old members get auto accepts

Talking about ones love affairs should also have a pokemonish discussion on it.

Our main topics are pokemon, crime, and being dicks.






Mr Sir





Favorite Type:

Favorite Pokemon:

Favorite Attack:

Why do you want to join Rocket?:

Why should we accept you?:





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Username: Seriously...?

Favorite Pokemon: Right now...Heracross (it changes every week D: )

Least Favorite Pokemon: Legendarys

Why do you want to join Rocket?: Because all the cool kids are doing it.

Why should we accept you?: Because I'm awesomesauce.

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