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I'm looking to build a good deck!

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I have a ton of cards but most are old school. I have a Demise, King of Armageddon, The Masked Beast, and Horus The Black Flame Dragon LV8 plus cards to get them out.


I made a deck and posted the decklist in the traditional format section but It is huge. I need help.


I also wanna make a spellcaster deck. Any suggestions? I want to put Great Phantom Theif, Dark Magician, and maybe 1 Blue Eyes and 1 Red Eyes in there with Lord of D.


Any suggestions will be great. For the decklist for my Demise/Horus deck Look here: http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/thread-198103.html



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First of all, a deck MUST be 40 cards. Well, it's not stated in the rules, but every single champion so far has made it 40 or about that. Maybe 1 or 2 over is the limit. Anyways.


Also, Vanillas are not to put in unless it's a heavy lowlevel beatdown relying upon gene-warped warwolf (in the case u dont know a 2000 ATK LV 4 with no effects), or the concept is a LV 2 or lower vanilla deck using the great support weak vanilla have to finish off the duel in one turn. Low Beatdown is old, and the other is unstable. Therefore:


Dark Magician X1

Succubus Knight X1

Mystical Elf X1

Flame Mnipulator X1

Masaki The Legendary Samurai X1

Trial By Nightmare X1

Dark King of the Abyss X1

Baby Dragon X1

Labyrinth Wall X1


Tada. All clear.


Now, if you want a Demise/Horus Deck that will also have a few trap cards in it that will burn lifepoints...wait, a Demise/Horus Deck that will also have a few trap cards in it that will burn lifepoints!?!?


That's too much fat of a concept!!


Of that, Demise is seriously dead. His fat horns were broken away by Brionac. Zorc is better if you seriously want to keep on ritualing (which is a bad idea). Horus will be weak without his pal Royal Decree, and it still lacks devastating clearouts that a Lightsworn Deck has, but if you love him for some reason I will accept it. Just be aware it's going to be no match against the parade of Lightsworns and Rescue Cats.


A balanced and professional-looked-over Lockburn could be truly devastating, though it will lack the defense force needed to counter the occasional Judgement Dragon unless you put in Special Summon counters that will kill beasts which stop binding gravity and dilapidate level limit areas to rubble.


Choose between:

1. Horus/Royal Decree Lock Beatdown

2. Lockburn


And I recommend Lockburn more. Simply put, hold a contest in Your Deck saying you want a Lockburn with JD counters (or a HRD deck if you still love Horus) with 3 reps as grand prize to have many pros dashing to the rescue. Yes, it will require lots of new cards to build a good YGO Deck of any sort, but it's nonetheless a good way to get strong. Just, don't spend all of your money on YGO. Your bride will get depressed :cry:


Wait, I think Lightsworns are definately better

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Thanks Kenta. I'll try and do those things. And I'll do the contest thing next week and see what I get. Yea, My bride would whoop me good for spending to much on YGO, but we have both found great deals on Ebay. I just got a nice lot of cards for 27 dollars U.S and found a few good cards there. Ive seen lightsworn decks on there a couple times but didnt know much about them so I didnt put a bid in. Did on an Exodia deck for collection purposes seeing as how he is banned in advanced format.

I noticed from your posts that not alot of duelists like ritual summoning or a few LV cards. (Mostly Horus or Armed Dragon.) And Vanillas are on the down also... I'm doomed. lol! I guess for any Tourneys I'm going to have to upgrade abit and keep my Demise and Horus at home. Sad. There some of my favs.

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Exodia deck for collection purposes seeing as how he is banned in advanced format


Exodia isn't banned in Advanced. All the pieces are LIMITED TO ONE. But it's slightly more difficult to build now with D-Draw and Allure limited.


Demise isn't dead. It was Limited, but now it's been Semi-ed. You can probably still build a decent deck around it.


Horus and Demise both need their own deck. Not the same one.

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Destiny Board is far too slow and subject to too much destruction. You have cards like Heavy Storm, Dark Armed Dragon, Ryko, Celestia, JD, MST, and so many more to worry about.


Final Countdown and Exodia are much better. Although Exodia is a bit slower now due to the limiting of Destiny Draw and Allure of Darkness.

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