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Sakura Archetype (Still under construction)

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Hello! Chances are you don't remember me, and I don't feel like refreshing your memories because chances are you didn't bother to look at my other archetype.

This thread has in it: A ridiculous introduction, an arguable table of contents, another ridiculous introduction, and the cards.

Cheesyridiculouscheesyness left behind, The Sakura archetype is an archetype I am making for a fanfic I am also making. It consist of FIRE and WIND Plant/Effect monsters that have effects depending on how many monsters of the other attribute you control. Thus, they could be very interesting to play- If you had, say, one wind monster and four fire monsters, the wind monster would be very very powerful, but the rest would be kinda lame.


Sakura Warrior, FIRE

***, Plant/Effect

This card gains 500 attack points for each WIND monster you control.

1200, 1000


Sakura Gardna, WIND

***, Plant/Effect

This card gains 500 defense points for each FIRE monster you control.

1000, 1200


Sakura Ringmaster, FIRE

****, Plant/Effect

Once per turn, you can activate an effect depending on how many WIND monsters you control.

1: Increase the level of a “Sakura” monster you control by 1.

2: Decrease the level of a “Sakura” monster you control by 2.

3: Destroy a combination of three monster cards whose combined levels equal the level of a synchro monster in your graveyard that your opponent controls.

4: Increase or decrease the level of a “Sakura” Monster in your hand by up to 4.



One more thing... Does anyone know where to find good pictures of humanoids made out of pink flower petals?

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