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Alex Rider

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I just finished Scorpia. I thought it was the end of the series. THANK YOU FOR PROVING ME WRONG!!!!! I love this series. I started reading it in sixth grade, and I'm still reading it. That's over five years of enjoying a book series.


[spoiler=don't read if you haven't read Eagle Strike]

out of all the bad guys that Alex has beaten' date=' Damian Cray had the best death.



I prefered Nile's death to all the others I've read.

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Guest Random Dude

[spoiler=don't read if you haven't read Eagle Strike and Scorpia]

I think getting sucked int an airplane engine is better than falling from a hot air balloon, it was hardcore though.


I actually started reading the series during December, I've read all of them up to Ark Angel.

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There will be a ninth book titled Yassen.


I thought Yassen died in Eagle Strike


And I thought Alex died in Scorpia.



It's a book. People die and come back in sequels all of the time.


He got shot' date=' but didn't die. Yassen bled out, there is no way he could have been saved



Maybe it was a clone. Maybe he has a kid who is carrying on his legacy. Plot twists are plentiful.

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