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[|\/|] In Space WC10 [|\/|]


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Its a fun deck but I would like to keep Flare Scarab in it tho. I like Flare Neos. FYI


Monsters 17


3x Neos

3x Cross Porter

3x Neos Alius

1x Stratos

1x Marshmallon

2x Hummingbird

2x Dolphin

2x Flare Scarab

1x Grand Mole

1x Sangan

1x Spirit Reaper


Spells 12


2x E-Call

1x Heavy

2x Instant Neo Space

1x MST

3x Neo Space


2x Terraforming


Traps 8


2x Bottomless

2x Hero Blast

1x Mirror

1x Solemn

2x Waboku

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