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YCM's Battle City [Duel for Points! 1000 Point Jackpot!]


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[right][color=red][size=large]YCM's Battle City Tournament[/size][/color][/right]

[color=red][size=large]YCM's Battle City Tournament[/size]


[align=center][spoiler=Battle City? Lulwut?]Battle City is a tournament for YCM that is to be held on yugiohnetwork.com , with points up for grabs.


[spoiler=Member List][u]Tournament Masters[/u]

KaiNine Kaisu - Kaisu




[spoiler=Rank Details]Tournament Masters are the people that are like the mods of this club. They will also inform me of any changes in the tournament ranking.


Duelists will compete in the Tournament, and have a chance to get the jackpot at the end.



YN Username-

Duelist or Master? -



[spoiler=Club Rules]1-No Spam

2-No Arguements. Take this to PM/Another site.

3-Tournament Masters have final say.

4-The default topic of this club is Card Stratagies, etc.

5-If you join, you MUST pay 50 Points. This will contribute to the Jackpot.


[spoiler=Warned List]A break of a rule will result in a warn.

1-Just a textual warning.

2-A neg.

3-A neg and 1 week ban from the club/tournament.

4-Another neg and permanemt ban from the club/tournament.





[spoiler=Tournament Rules]1-No lying about Duel Results.

2-Duels are to be carried out on Yugiohnetwork.com ONLY

3-All duels are to have the current password(See below)



[spoiler=Current Rankings]



[Top 2]








[spoiler=Advancing Ranks]During the free-for-all, you must have at least 10 Wins to be able to proceed to the Quarter-Finals. The top 8 will proceed, and so on. All those in the Semi-Finals may have a chance to duel a series of decks that the Tournament Masters have agreed on. This will give 100 ADDITIONAL points if you win.


All those in the Quarter-Finals will receive 50 Points.

All those in the Semi-Finals will receive 75 Points.

All those in the Finals will receive 100 Points.

The Winner will receive the remainder of the Jackpot.

Point Earnings [u]Do not stack[/u].


[spoiler=How this will work]Firstly, this will only run if I can get over 20 Duelists into this. If this does not happen, all points will be refunded.

On Yugiohnetwork, if you see someone registered hosting a duel with the lock, enter the current password and duel. Then, PM the results to myself or another Master.

Your score during the Free-For-All will be your Wins - Your Losses.





[align=center][size=large]Current Jackpot is - 1000 Points[/size]

[b]Current Password Is - N/A[/b]

[size=large]The Tournament is : Cancelled [b][On Standby][/b] Running[/align][/size]




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