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Zippo Lighter + Cat = Zippocat


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Please tell me that's fake....please.



How that bastard could do that to that sweet little cat, that just loved him.....




You know what? funk you people and your anti-death penalty fucktardedness. We need it for the sick fucks like this. I don't care about your bullshit rehabilitation, these people are beyond it. All life is not precious. This guy's certainly isn't. It's a blight upon the cosmos that his soul ever funking existed, so the least we can do is kill him. And he deserves to suffer. Brutal, cold blooded torture is the only way justice can be delivered to that funk.


There is no counterargument to the above. Justice needs to be delivered, and he cannot possibly suffer a punishment too severe, for there is none. If anyone seriously believes that this wretched pile of filth doesn't deserve to die a painful horrific death, there's something seriously god damn wrong with you, and I'd execute you in the street myself if I could.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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