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What's this? I've got a Change in Mood!


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[align=center]Hello, all! I've recently confronted the... Discontent I've been having with others, for various reasons, for quite some time. I'm by far not forgiving towards these people, but I figured I don't need to be eaten by my dislikes. I'm gonna be happy now, though that doesn't mean I don't hate certain people/things. Let's wait out this part of the path with a smile, shall we? Enough talking about my... Changes, however, here's a card!



This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned when 2 or more monsters you control are destroyed during the same turn. When this card is Special Summoned, if 1 of the destroyed monsters were destroyed by battle, destroy all monsters your opponent controls. If you do, you cannot conduct your Battle Phase this turn. If 1 of the destroyed monsters were destroyed by a Spell or Trap Card, destroy all Spell and Trap Cards on the field and return all monsters you control to your hand (excluding this card).


... Nice story huh? I needed something to make you wanna look at this card... I lied, though. I still hate all of you... Except meh friends *you know if I mean you or not*.


And don't expect my dull personality and constant complaining to stop either, no matter how much it is invalid.[/align]

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The card doesn't look of a Fiend-Type....looks more like....a Fairy-Type. Not saying you change it to that just throwing out a suggestion. I have a question, to summon that card, does it count for the destroyed cards were used as a Tribute Summon? The pic 5/10 fits it, (it has a skeleton in the backround and looks more of the lines of an Ice person.) LIKE I SAID, not forcing you just throwing something out there.


Great cards, like always. Like the Idea though, and like the idea.


Like I said above, Great cards good rating 9/10 =)


I was gonna say what Canadian said, sorta a twist off of Theinin

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I attempted to fix OCG, actual effect not changed.

Also, I tried not to make it OP. Monster Nuke, yes, but you can't attack the next turn... Needs another Edit... And if you clear Spell and Trap cards, you only keep this monster. This post is very late, probably, as I began typing it, went to do something for nearly an hour, and just finished it.

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what the heck? i didnt do anything to you!

you know what forget it! i was going to rate your card but you make me mad!

im leaving!

*slams door*

*opens door*

im sorry....time of the year...lol

a very powerful card i i do say so myself. you cant really stop this monster

wouldnt here 2nd effect activate at the same time as her 1st effect if 1 monster was destroyed by a spell or trap card and another monster was destroyed by battle?

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