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Digimon: Dragonic Plauge [Not Started] [Accepting]


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1000 Years ago there was a powerful group of 5 Dragon Digimon. The group refereed to themselves as the "Dragonic's". These Digimon once lived in peace with others, until one day they began to misuse there power. For a long period they roamed the Digital World using power to rid the Digital World of free will, this time was known as the "Dragonic Plauge". Many Digimon gave there lives to restore order to the Digital World, even mighty Digimon such as the Royal Knights, Olympus Twelve, and Celestial Three hailed in comparison to these beast. Each of the three groups decided to send in one digimon in a Final attempt, the 3 Chosen Digimon were Alphamon of the Royal Knights, Appolomon of the Olympus Twelve, and Seraphimon of the Celestial Trio. The Final Three Digimon used the last of their energy to tear the Dragonic's Digi-Code and scatter it all around the digital world...And Earth. It is now 1000 Years Later and a mysterious Digimon has been gathering Digi-Code from all around the Digital World. You have been chosen by the remaining Saviors of the Digital World to aid them in there quest.




Appearance: Gaia avatars would be good.


Character Age:

Digimon Line: [Must be Olympus 12 Member]


Character Bio: [Must be at least one paragraph.]

Digivice Color:


[spoiler=Accepted Applications]

Username: Skyfire

Name: Nate Maxwell

Character Age: 16

Digimon Line: Dracomon - Coredramon (Blue) - Wingdramon - Slayerdramon

Personality: Kusaka is the hard going type. He never backs away from a challenge. When he puts his mind to something there is usually nothing he can't do.

Character Bio: Kusaka was born into a rich family. His father was the CEO of a famous tech industry, His Mom a successful Physician. Since his father is usually traveling around the world for business or endorsements and his mom is usually always at work he is used to being alone. Being at home always tamers with whatever gadgets he can get his hands on. Kusaka is very responsible.



1) No Digivolving until we are well into the story

2) Must start as rookie

3) No Royal Knights, Olympus Twelve, or Celestial Trio. Must Start as rookie, be original. Oh and no Fake Digimon.

4) All post must be at least 1 Paragraph

5) No Godmodding

6) Try not to post much if not too many of us are on


[spoiler=The Seven Dragonics]

Eternaldramon (Supposed Leader)






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Username: .:Abarai Renji:.

Appearance: Being on a height of 198.4 centimeters and a weight of only 68 kilograms, he is rather slim in appearance, but is in perfect health. His hair is usually long and gleaming, being silver in color, and his eyes being onyx in color. He has a scar over his left cheek. He often wears white upper clothes, most usually being a white tank top, and wears black pants with black, polished shoes.

Name: Ryu Sagazaki

Character Age: 18

Digimon Line: Gaomon --> Gaogamon --> MachGaogamon --> MirageGaogamon

Personality: Ryu is usually calm and optimistic, and is somewhat of a poet at heart. But he stands up against anyone that would hurt his friends and relatives.

Character Bio: Ryu is the son of an astronaut -- being his father; Toroa Sagazaki -- and has his old home in an abandoned space observatory in town. He loves to just look up at the night skies somedays, and wonder if there is life in space as most people do wonder. But one night, he noticed that the moon shone brighter than anything on the heavens, and so he ended up in the Digital World by a space-time rupture of light, and found his partner Gaomon quite quickly. The two of them shared interests in space and the moon, and thus they became friends relatively fast.

Digivice Color: Silver with white trims

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Username: Look up.

Appearance: Jack is about six feet tall with faintly Asian features, suggesting that maybe one or two of his most recent ancestors were of Asian descent. He has coal black hair and light green eyes. He typically dresses in faded black jeans and a worn brown t shirt.

Name: Jack

Character Age: 17

Digimon Line: Fanbeemon line and Kokabuterimon line

Personality: Jack is a slacker genius with an almost eidetic memory and almost no motivation, but when he does find a cause worth investing his time and effort in, he's bound to think up easy, practical solutions to problems and has very little difficulty recalling minute details about a given area he's seen with very little focus. However, he's also an extreme introvert, rarely speaking a full sentence unless it's absolutely necessary to get his point across.

Character Bio: (I'll post it tomorrow or in the RP itself if need be)

Digivice Color: Silver-blue and red-gold (inverses depending on which Digimon he chooses to Digivolve at the time)

Digivice: A tennis ball sized sphere with a screen and eight buttons sunken into its surface with a border around it. When not in use, the Digivice shrinks down to the size of a small marble.


Username: Same as above

Appearance: El is average height for her age and has honey blond hair and two light red highlights, from root to tip, just behind each ear. She has a tanned, athletic build since she plays on her school tennis team, and was brought to the Digital World just after one of her tennis matches so she's still in her tennis uniform.

Name: El (short for Elaine)

Character Age: 16

Digimon Line: Labramon -> D'Arcmon -> Angewomon -> Valkyrimon (female)

Personality: El is a bubbly, happy, energetic girl, optimistic and completely carefree, and is completely unphased by the fact that she's currently in a parallel world with a talking dog and a group of other humans most of which with stranger companions than that.

Character Bio: (Same as above)

Digivice Color: White

Digivice: A ring on her left hand with DigiCode etched around the outside. When she wishes to Digivolve Labramon, she holds out her arm and the ring expands into a bracelet around her wrist complete with a small screen and four buttons on either side of it. When Digivolving higher than Champion, it glows bright white.


If there's another Perfect/Ultimate level female angel Digimon, please tell me so I don't have to use Angewomon as a space filler

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Guest TheFinalFan

Username: Really? Is this necessary?

Appearance: A young man with dirty-blonde hair, blue eyes, and a light-blue T-shirt over a long-sleeve shirt, jeans, and sneakers. He usually wears glasses, which make him look a bit nerdy.





Name: Daniel Andrews

Character Age: 18

Digimon Line: Daniel -> Kazemon -> Zephyrmon -> JetSilphymon -> AncientIrismon

Personality: A bit shy, especially when it comes to fighting, but his attitude as the Kazemon line changes into a playful extrovert who sees fighting as a game.

Character Bio: Daniel used to be a simple hacker, until he discovered some sort of strange code. He tried to use it, but it sucked him into the Digital World, altering him as it went. When he awoke, he was in the Digital World, but he was now infused with the Spirit of Wind, who could talk to him. He was extremely creeped out to find that he could transform into a female Digimon who had a personality that was the exact opposite of his, and is quite reluctant to become Kazemon because he views it as wrong. But, he just has to make the best of it...for now...

Digivice Color: Pink and Blue


And just FYI, this is how Plague is spelled.

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