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Pic. + chant (closed forever)


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Make a wind attribute , spellcaster monster with the following picture:



Also make a support spell card

(and a chant to summon it,eg, to summon winged dragon of ra 'Protector of the sun and the sky, please heed my cry,etc.- just for fun, not really needed)

Possibly 3 lines long


Winner gets 12 points and 1 rep.

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Skygoddess.jpg (sung to the tune of mary had a little lamb)

Kathy had a love for Sky,

Love for Sky, love for Sky,

Kathy had a love for Sky,

Its winds were white as snow


And everywhere that Kathy went,

Kathy went, Kathy went,

Everywhere that Kathy went

The Sky was sure to go


It made the children laugh and play,

Laugh and play, laugh and play,

It made the children laugh and play

To see the Sky at school


"Why does the Sky love Kathy so?"

Love Kathy so? Love Kathy so?

"Why does the Sky love Kathy so?"

The eager children cry


"Why, Kathy loves the Sky, you know."

Loves the Sky, you know, loves the Sky, you know

"Why, Kathy loves the Sky, you know."

The teacher did reply


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Sky Soul Izuna


During the End Phase of a turn, put a spell counter on this card(max.6). Increase the ATK and DEF of this card by 500 for each counter on it. Also, by removing all counters from this card, destroy all face-up monsters your opponent controls with an ATK equal to or less than 500 points x the number of counters removed.




Wings of Daedalus

Equip Spell

You can only equip this card to a ?Sky Soul? monster. When the equipped monster would be destroyed by battle, you may remove a spell counter from it instead (Damage calculation is applied normally). If this face-up card is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard, draw 1 card.



The Sky Soul Chant

Icarus was foolish, and flew to the sun.

His wings began to melt, and then came undone.

He fell to the ocean, and into death?s jaw.

The souls of those passed, remained watching in awe.

From this tragedy, a new race would thrive.

Born bearing wings, and tracing the sky.

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ill write it then First:


Spellcaster Kathy


ATK:1000 DEF:1500



Effect:Your opponent cant special summond any cards from their deck or graveyard.


Set id: KURT-1995



Circulation:1st edition




Kathys Wand



Effect:Equip this to Spellcaster Kathy and she gain 100 Atk and 600 Def.


Year: 2007

Circulation: 1st edition

Set id: Kurt-1995

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