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Literature Forum Rules

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There shouldn't be a need for too many rules here, but there are a few I think are unique and needed. This thread will be expanded on in the near future, but for now I'll keep it down to a few essential points. Failure to follow these rules will result in appropriate moderator action, ranging from warns to bans.


1) One thread per book/series, please.


We don't need 5000.5 threads about Harry Potter. Before you post a thread on a topic, please look through the first 2 or so pages of threads that have already been posted to see if your book is already being discussed. Failure to follow this will result in your thread being locked, and a warning given if this is broken multiple times.


2) Use spoiler tags for spoilers.


This goes for every book or book series. Whether you're making the topic or responding to it, please put any significant plot events that have occurred in spoiler tags so that people who haven't read it yet won't have the surprise ruined for them. It's simply out of common courtesy, and allows them to participate in the discussion without needing to know parts they haven't gotten around to reading yet.


An example of a spoiler tag in this situation is as follows.


[spoiler=Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Ending Spoiler]Why should I tell you? Go read the book yourself.



3) Don't hate on people's tastes.


You might not like Twilight, but that doesn't mean you have to rub it everyone else's faces, especially if someone else actually does like the series. This, of course, means no flaming. You can discuss if you don't like a book, but justify your reasons and don't just say "lolthissucks." This manner of behavior will not be tolerated.


4) Follow the site rules too.


You should know all these by now. The appropriate level of discipline will be used in response to breaking any of the rules mentioned on this thread.


Finally, if any other mods have anything I missed, feel free to edit them in.

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