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Create Your Own Yu-Gi-Oh! Character--Just for Fun

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I see these EVERYWHERE and I just want to have fun with it.

I'll start it off--I want to see how this blows over. I'm writing a story about him.

Check it out on www.quizilla.com! =D Search for "Reincarnation of a Pharaoh: Part 1"

Anyways, here's my character.


Name: Noah Muto

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Deck: Warrior-Types

Favorite Card: (I made this one!) Cloaked Stranger (Warrior/Effect)

(LV 5) (ATK 2000) (DEF 2100)

Story: Noah Muto is the son of the Well-Known Yugi Muto. He's admired his father always, and wanted to be just like him since he was young.

But Yugi's been gone for 10 years.

In this time he's been gone, Noah has had multiple 'Weird' experiences. Things that range from putting a rival into a Coma--Leading it to their eventual death from starvation--when he was seven to collapsing during a School Dueling Competition at age 14. He's never known what this was from...

But after his first day of being a Senior at Domino High, and meeting Jessie Wheeler and Sarah Taylor, EVERYTHING changed.

When he's nearly killed from big-shot Seniors Jet and Kevin, he changes into a mysterious man...That his mother, Tea Gardner, seems to know.

It's this same day that he finds out who he TRUELY is.

He's the Reincarnation of Pharaoh Atem.



What do you think? Post up your own characters and get creative! =^_^= Enjoy! =D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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