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Duelist Legends


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To register for this ongoing card challenge, you simply post here with an avatar. I would look at the avatar, and make a monster card with 1 star.


The challenge would be to 'Evolve' your card by persuading how good you are in this set of forums. Each registered person can vote up to 5 times per week, not for themselves. If the number of votes equals the number of levels, the person will either be promoted or demoted. Negative and positive votes cancel eachother. Votes are reset after each week. Nobody can drop lower than lv1, and higher than 12.


The original player may sacrifice levels to upgrade the effect or gain an m/t based on supporting the card. Sometimes a player cannot level further due to the appearance of the avatar, which makes it automatically upgrade the effect.


Each week, the person with the best cards gains a reputation point, except me, which grants a free level.


Current challengers:


111samp.jpg - ME! CC1.jpg - Foenyx CC2-c.jpg - Max



CC5.jpg111samp-1.jpg - Kurtis



CC3.jpgCC4.jpg- Bastion's Girl

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Basically, you begin on Lv1, and get 5 votes per week. If the votes equal you level, you advance/devance. But you cannot choose yourself.


Also, you can reduce the level to upgrade the effect, or add a m/t to your supply.


Also... I vote once on kurtis's card to advance.

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