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Armor King Con


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1.Find a new pic for armor king

2.fix the grammar

3.Any other ideas to make better(more chanses to win)

4.as many enteries as you whant



1.for finding a good pic 1 rep 5 points

2.for fixing grammar 1 rep and 1 point

3.for Any other ideas : will be decided



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OK, I'll give this a go.


First off I changed the type to WARRIOR, just so he can be used in a game with other cards.

Second, changed the effect so it becomes a counter. That way you can move the ARMOUR around the field and not lose track. The counter increases a Monsters DEF by 3000 and decreases it's ATK to 0

Third. The armour counter can be moved to ANY monster card on the feild until Armour King is destroyed. Then what ever Monster the armour is on has to stay there.

Fourth. Changed the image as if you couldn't tell.

Fifth. Gave the card its ATK and DEF from the start. Since it starts with the counter and you can't move it til your next Standby Phase the card starts with ATK 0 and DEF 5000.


So thats it, and here's MY version of your card.



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