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Dr. Kolobos the Turmoil Duelist


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Well I saw TO making his cards look cool, so thought why can't I?


This is me as a Duelist. Calling him Dr. Kolobos. (Wanna be a Teacher, not a student. So didnt wanna be a Chilbi)


Used cards from the Boosters I been making. Card list is as follows,



Shadow Symbiote, Arachne Champion Calix, Corpse Rhino

Aliisza-Queen of the Arachne, Reanimator LV 7, Angel of Rebellion

Chaos Merged Dark Bat, Soul Puppet, Soul Master.


Right Hand:-

Turmoil Dragon


Left Hand:-

White Heart Dragonlord, Dragonmaster of Dark Shadows.


So hope you like it, as it is me.



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