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blue-eyes deck 1: Sacred Beasts

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uria, lord of searing flames

hamon, lord of striking thunder

raviel, lord of phantasms

3x summoned skull

cyberdark horn

cyberdark edge

cyberdark keel

elemental hero neos

neo-spacian dark panther

neo-spacian aqua dolphin

neo-spacian flare scarab

elemental hero avian

elemental hero burstinatrix

elemental hero sparkman

the creator incarnate

the creator


sacred pheonix of nephthys



3x ectoplasmer

power bond

limiter removal

united we stand

neo space

3x polymerization



3x cyber shadow gardna

mirror force

hero signal


3x bottomless trap hole

dark devastation



cyberdark dragon

elemental hero flame wingman

elemental hero shining flare wingman

elemental hero aqua neos

elemental hero dark neos

elemental hero flare neos


Just to tell you it took 2 years to finish this deck.

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You... will get... toasted... with this deck.


You have 9 tribute monsters... 3 of which can only be summoned by effects... and, to tell you, you have exactly 3 Cont. Spells, I don't know Cont. Traps, and 3 Fiends, all of which are tribute monsters. This deck will not work.


A) Do not run all 3 Sacred Beasts. It does not work.

B) WTF are the Neo Spacians and E-Heroes doing in there! The only monsters you should have are fiends!

C) Drop all the spells you have except Ectoplasmer, add Snatch, MST, Storm, take out one or two Ectoplasmer and fill the rest with Continuous Spells.

D) Drop all the traps, add Saku, Mirror, and Bottomless, and about 6-7 other Cont. traps.

E) If you have Raviel, run Dark Necrofear.

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This deck is too random, and the cards don't work well together at all you should really change it. Before building a deck you should think of what your core monsters are and building it to support them, not throwing random cards together.


(EG: Kiaba's deck supports his Blue Eyes, Yugi's supports his Dark Magician etc)

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