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bored so ill make a contest

Father Wolf

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Make a card that will make me lol (aka laugh) thats all

winner gets a rep and 5 points. :shock:


1. no bad stuff. please!

2. doesnt have to be realistice

3. can be any type of card.

4. Images must match the card.

5. images must be clear too (no pixils)

6. be creative and have fun with this :D

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My entery:




Damn it cut off!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok the ATK is 0 and the DEF is 2000.


Effect: This card can only be summond by "Beer Goggles". When this card is attacked by a girl monster this card gains 3000 ATK.




Effect: This card is a ritual summond to summond "Drunk Kangaroo".



(Im not copying nine tailed foxes ritual monster)

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