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The Clash of Egos


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This is a deck based on my Newly Created Ego cards. I wasn't exactly sure where to put it, so I'm just gonna put it in the deck section.


Here's the Link to all of the Created Cards; http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/viewtopic.php?t=2533




Tribute Monsters (4)


Inflated Ego x2

Overinflated Ego

Master of Character



Non-Tribute Monsters (17)


Alter Ego - The Darkness (I'm going by my own personal limitation on this card, only one)

Autonomous Ego x3

Voltage Ego x2

Granite Ego x2

Glacial Ego x2

Windstorm Ego x2 (It might be limited to 1, I haven't decided yet)

Blazing Ego

Self-Centered Ego (only 1, I'm not really bent on the Field Spell)

Mystic Tomato x3 (yeah you got that right, a free passage to all of my DARK ego cards :P )



Spell Cards (13)



Rush Recklessly

Mystical Space Typhoon

Heavy Storm

Snatch Steal

Metamorphosis of Ego

Ego - Centric Universe

Ego's Rebirth x2

Transmissive Ego x2

Ego Aggression Structure

Ego Displacement x3




Traps (4)


Call of the Haunted

Fleeting Ego

Explosive Ego x2

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:P Thanks


I really didn't know where to put this deck, so I just chose the "Deck" section. (makes sense)



What I like most about the Ego cards, is that you can have a random deck with a few of the elemental Ego cards in it, and it'll work just fine. And Alter Ego is just a beast...

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