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Imagine a reality where evolutions and transformations beckon players. In this reality, the only real law is the law of claiming.


Each post, you may do ONE of these actions: Make a new monster, Claim a hyper card, Create the altered card.


Whenever I make a hyper card, a monster can be transformed into a magic, trap, or evolution monster, who's effect MUST state:


This monster cannot be normal summoned. This monster can only be special summoned by tributing 1 [insert name here] when playing [insert hyper card name here]. Send this monster to the 'Storage Pile' for 'X' turns when first summoned, then special summon this monster.


First evolve is 3 turns.

Second is 7 turns.

Third is 12 turns.


During evolution, the monster is uber weak, even the greatest of monsters. Infact, even a minimum ranking monster can beat a monster evolving into a divine beast.


Each monster can only evolve a max 3 times, which creates a DIVINE BEAST. But that card is REALLY rare.


BUT... to gain the card, first you claim it, then you make a card based on the evolve. Work QUICKLY, as others will want to claim it as well.


Once the first person to claim has designed the card, An RPG battle will happen with the made cards at stake. ONLY the victor of that rpg battle will gain the special new card for reference in this contest.


There's a limit of FIVE monster per day, and for rpg purposes, the army amounts vary from 1-15 dependant how powerful. No broken monsters allowed. Also, it MUST have the potential for THREE evolves.


The challenge is to take on the Avatar duelists with your specially made cards. Once you beat all of them, you can name your prize from the other competitors, and I will give you MANY rep points.

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Monster Registered:




The infamous light archer would provde drashi with notable backup. Simple but effective, he decided to show up for the competitions. Knowing that the battles would be fierce, he summoned a few more, a notable number, and had them take up positions to help the drashii in their battles. Then... seeing the recent evolve, they decided it was more than worth trying to claim.


Stock: 15

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Divine Archer Claims Mecha Surge V1!!



Greedily, the archer entered the central arena, and looked around. It was good that nobody had claimed an evolution yet. Seeing the evolution, he quickly placed a claim on it, and began the tedious process of transforming into the superior form. Hopefully there would not be anyone to challenge him before he had completed the process...

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The archer had successfully evolved, and even before others had a remote chance of contending. There was a new power in the world, and the machanies forged by the drashii were the key to dominance. Standing before the crouds... he laid his claim, and raised his arm. TO VICTORY!

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I understand. Good luck!


... but you can expect it, especially newcomers.








Santhagos was a potent war beast. Even in it's basic form, it packed a mighty triple-headed attack. Hired primarily to take a beating, and dish serious blows out, it was one of the strongest units in my arsenal, even from the start.


Stock: 5




Stock: 3

Made by OPLO






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