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Yugioh - Age of Shadows


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Sarion was wondering what his Millenium Item could do to save him in this shadow game. He only had 500LP left and no monsters on the field, but it was his turn.


Shadow Realmer: Make your move already or I won't give you a chance to win!

Sarion: Fine then, Draw! Yes, finally something I can use, I play, The ashes spread, I now get 4 ash tokens. Next I play, Rise from the Ashes, x2. This lets me sacrifice 2 Ash tokens to bring out a monster with Phoenix in its name, so I choose, Volcanic Phoenix ATK/1500 DEF/500 and World Phoenix ATL/2000 DEF/1800. Now, Go, Polymerization. I fuse my two Phoenixes to create, Legendary Phoenix!!!!!!!!

Shadow Realmer: OH sheet!!!!!

Sarion: Thats right!!! Now. Legendary Phoenix, attack his Cyber Kuriboh ATK/1000 DEF/1000, Almighty Talons of Flame!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow Realmer: LP:1000------0

Sarion: Ha Ha!!! Hey whats this.

Sarion picked up the card that the Shadowrealmer droped.

Sarion: Its ..... The seal of Orichalcos, this looks useful, I might add it to my deck.

As Sarion sliped the card into his deck pocket, the seal apeared on his head and the Millenium Bracelet he possesed started to glow, Yami Sarion had taken over!


Featured Card (got the idea because TO did it and it was pretty cool)



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Sarion returned to his normal form and left. He didn't remember anything but the duel. He arrived back at his apartment and switched the TV on. It was talking about how the best duelists just disapeared and the only two left were Jaden (Judai for all people how must have his Japanise name) and Yugi (and Sarion, but he wasn't recognised as one of the best). Sarion desided that this must have somthing to do with the Shadowrealmers, but on the screen, it showed an outline of the "Patrician of Darkness" and "Summoned Skull" as a tag team defeating Zane and Aster.

Sarion: Something must be done about this!

At that moment, a potal from the shadow realm opened and out steped....... Dark Magician of Chaos!

DMC: You shall be the next soul to be captured by the seal. Orichalcos himself will be awakened once we finish with all you worthless humans.

Your friend, Arhid is about to be offered to Orichalcos.

Sarion: NO!!!!! Let him go free!

DMC: Thats why I'm here. If you beat me in a duel then he will go free, but if you lose, your soul will be offered to Orichalcos aswell!

Sarion: Fine, lets duel!


Duel Start


Sarion LP/4000 DMC LP/4000


DMC: I shall begin. Draw! I play, Dark Apprentice Magician ATK/1500 DEF/1100. I now set one card face down and end.

Sarion: OK then, Draw! I do my classic start off move and summon Flame Warrior ATK/1600 DEF/1000. Now i play the field spell, Fire Realm! This means all my fire monsters gain an extra 500 attack points. I also play, Flame Explosion. I pick one non fire monster on your side of the field and it gets destroyed!

DMC: Oh, didn't I mention his effect? When ever he is sent to the graveyard because of one of your spells, I get, Myself ATK/2800 DEF/2600!!!! Plus I activate my face down, Dark Destroyer!!!!

When ever i special summon a Dark Magician of Chaos, I can destroy one card on your field, and I choose your monster!!!!

Sarion: NO!!!!

DMC: OH yes! And I do belive its my turn! Draw! GO, Dark Magician of Chaos! Attack his life points!!!!!



To be Continued


Featured Card



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Sarion LP/1200 DMC LP/4000


Sarion: (My classic move has never been taken down like that, oh well). My turn, Draw! Lets see what we got here, I play, Firestrike LV4 ATK/1500 DEF/1500. Now, I Special Summon, Special Flame using his effect. Now i play Firestrike LV4's effect, I sacrifice him and special flame to summon, Firestrike LV6 ATK/2300 DEF/2300! But that's not all, because of the Fire Realm spell i played earlyer, it goes upto 2800 ATK and Spacial Flame has a side effect that increases the ATK of the next monster Special Summoned by 200, bringing him up to 3000! Now go, Firestrike LV6, attack his Dark Magician of Chaos!

DMC: Arghhh, no, not him!


DMC LP/3800


DMC: My turn, Draw! I play, Dimension Reborn. This spell card lets me Special Summon one monster that has been removed from play, like my Dark Magician of Chaos!

Sarion: What was the point of that?

DMC: The point is i get a spell from my grave! Like, for example, my Dark Destroyer, which I lay face down along with another card to end.



I'll write some more later


Featured Card



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Sarion: Draw. Now i activate Pot of Greed and draw 2 cards. Perfect. Now i activate, Summoning the Undead, and play 2 Undead Minions Atk/1300 Def/500. Now i sacrifice both of them to summon, Sarion the Black Atk/2700 Def/2000!!!!!! Now i activate mystical space typhoon and destroy your Dark destroyer! Now, FirestrikeLV6, Attack Dark Magician of chaos! And Sarion the Black, attack him directly!


DMC LP:900

DMC: Humph, you done yet?

Sarion: No, not yet, I play Ookazi, bringing you down to 100 life points and and by setting one card face down, I end.


DMC LP:100

DMC: You really think you can win! Well, its my turn and i play special summoner and monster reborn to play two Dark apprentice magicians and finally, i summon, Shadow Necromancer Atk/3200 Def/800! Now Shadow Necromancer, attack his FirestrikeLV6!

Sarion: Not so fast, i play reinforcments!


Featured Cards:


[attachment=15477] [attachment=15478]

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Sorry for the extremely long wait every body.

But anyway, on to the duel!


Sarion: this card increases my monsters attack by 500, so your necromancer, has just become an emo! (Cos he suisided, get it?)


DMC: Ahhhh, s***. I'll just lay a facedown and end.


Sarion: Good, my turn, Draw! Prepare to meet your doom! I activate the spell card, rienforcments of fire! When one of my fire monster destroys one of your monsters this continues spell card lets me summon another of the card that destroyed your monster. Now I play unlucky battle. This card lets me summon to your side of the field, a monster of my choice out of either graveyard, and I choose your Dark Apprentice Magician. But luckily for me, this card negates the effect of that monster for two turns. So now, Flame warrior, attack his monster! And you know what that means! I get to special summon another flame warrior from my deck! Now, Flame Warrior, attack him directly!!!!


DMC: Not so fast! I play my face down, draining negation! This card heals damage equal to your monsters attack, so nothing happens, but, i also get negate any other attack during this battle phase!

Sarion: Fine, so Firestrike lv 6 can't attack. Dosn't mean I've finished my turn. I play, Polymerization to fuse my two warriors together to form, Weapon Master of Fire Atk: 3500 Def: 1000!!!!!!!!!! Now this card has a special effect, if Rienforcements of Fire is on the field, he can attack, on the turn he is summoned, during my main phase! Now Go, Weapon Master, attack him and end this!


DMC: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DMC: LP 1800----> 0


The Dark Magician of Chaos then faded away leaving his card there.

Sarion picked it up.

Sarion: This could be useful.

And he added to his deck. For a second, the seal of orichalcos apeared on his head, then disapeared.



P.S. Sorry, no Card today, i'm not at my own computer.


P.P.S. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes in this fan-fic.


Hope you enjoyed the end of their dual. I'll write another one later.

Oops, i just realised that DMC should have died at the beggining of the last post. Lets just say he played a trap called quick healing to raise his lifepoints by 500, ok? :D

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Sarion had had enough of this. He decided to seek out Jaden and Yugi, so they could form a team to take out the monster duelists, and Orichalcos.

Sarion found Yugi and at that moment, the Patrician of Darkness and the Summoned Skull that Sarion saw on TV appeared from the shadow realm.


SS: Ah, if it isn't Yugi. And whose this one. He looks as week as you. Well, I suppose you both know why we're here so lets duel!


Sarion: Game on!!


Yugi whispered to Sarion.


Yugi: Who are you. Oh well, i hope you good cos these guys are tough, we'll have to work together really well if we want to win.


Yugi and Sarion LP: 8000

SS and PD LP: 8000


Sarion: Right then, I'll begin. Draw!! I summon Volcanic Phoenix in Attack mode and set one card face down. That'll do.


SS: My turn, Draw! I summon my Skull Knight #2 in defense mode. Then I set two cards face down and play Spell Absorption to end.


Yugi: My turn! I draw and summon Celtic guardian in attack mode. Then I set one card face down and end.

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