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Card Contest 1-Rep and 30 points


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Okay wait it says I have 88 points so I should be able to give them to the winner right?

I will make the score and the one with the highest scor wins


3 points for good art

5 points for being realistic

2 Points for new ideas


Totol of 10 points per card


any ways rules


1. No bashing on others about anything


2. One entry per person


3. No over powering and I'm pretty strict about that I'll tell you if its to powerfull and tell you to re-do the card




1. Dragon with or with out effect

1. Warrior with or without effect

1. Equip Card

1. Trap or Spell Card

And if you want to a fusion to go with the two monsters you made


I'm gonna make cards two but I'll not be in the contest.


Good Luck (c:

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