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My other deck


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This deck was once a Kaiba evolution but some how chaged into this wierd random deck it works though I've won two tournaments with it. And yes I change it to fit tournament regulations. S here it is:



The Winged dragon Of Ra (real poor condition)

Slifer The Sky Dragon (fake)

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Blue-Eyes White Dragon x3

Theinen The Great Sphinx

The Creator

Sphinx Teleia

Andro Sphinx

Alpha The Magnet Warrior

Beta The Magnet Warrior

Gamma The Magnet Warrior

Valkyrion The Magna Warrior

The Agent Of Judgement-Saturn

Andro Sphinx

Banisher Of Light

Archlord Zerato

X-Head Cannon

Kaiser Sea Horse

Elemental Hero Sparkman

Warrior Of Zera x2

Princess Pikeru

The Agent Of Wisdom-Mercury

Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke

Obnoxious Celtic Guard

D.D Warrior Lady

Elemental Hero Clayman

Pixie Knight

Divne Dragon Ragnorak

White Magician Pikeru

Mirage Dragon



Ekibyo Drakmord

Monster Reborn

Burst Stream Of Destruction

Meteor Of Desturction

D.D Designator

The Sanctuary In The Sky

Axe Of Despair

Trail Of The Princesses

Swords Of Concealing Light


Lightning VOrtex

Tribute To The Doomed




Raigeki Break

Pyramid Of Light


Forcesd Back

Cemetary Bomb

Magic Cylinder

Staunch Defender

Dust Tornado

Mask Of Weakness

Shadow Spell


Please tell me your honest opnion. Also thank you for your replies to my Destiny Hero/Six Samurai deck. Some were good and some were bad but I think its great my friend the top duelist even tried to buy it of me because he liked it so much. Well thanks for your info keep' em comin.



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