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Terror roar


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Main deck: 46

Monsters: 24

LV 7<: 4

Armed dragon LV7

Buster blader

Tyrant dragon

Armed dragon LV10

Horus the black flame dragon LV8


LV 5/6: 3

Luster dragon #2

Horus the black flame dragon LV6

Armed dragon LV5


LV 4>: 17

Horus the black flame dragon LV4

The light ? hex-sealed fusion

Masked dragon

The dragon dwelling in the cave

Armed dragon LV3

Element dragon

Mirage dragon

Masked dragon

Flame ruler

The dark ? hex-sealed fusion

King of the swamp

Masked dragon

Divine dragon ragnarok

Twin-headed behemoth

Spear dragon

Lord of D.

Victory viper XX03


Spell: 16

Mystical space typhoon

Stamping destruction

Premature burial

Stamping destruction

Level modulation

Fusion recovery


Magical mallet

Future fusion

Level up

Swords of revealing light

Dragon?s mirror



Power capsule

Different dimension capsule


Trap: 6

Call of the haunted

Magical cylinder

Mirror force

Sakuretsu armour

Negate attack

Royal decree



Fusion deck: 6

Five-headed dragon

Blue-eyes ultimate dragon

Dark paladin

King dragun

Dark blade the dragon knight

Ojama king



Side deck: 15

Monsters: 6

Dark magician

Skilled dark magician

Luster dragon

Element saurus

The dragon dwelling in the cave

Mask of darkness


Spell: 5

The graveyard in the fourth dimension

Heavy storm

Monster reincarnation

Pot of avarice

Ground collapse


Trap: 4

Solemn wishes

Compulsory evacuation device

Hidden book of spell

Covering fire

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