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I'm going to side with masta on this one. Do you even know what you are doing? If you paid any attention to the other threads in General, you would have found out TotalObelisk is already dueling Developous.


your a idiot


Grow up! And don't you mean, "you're an idiot"? If you are going to comeback, at least type like you are an intelligent person.

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Slime, don't be condescending.



Yugiohmastta: Yeah, informing him of the situation is okay, but calling him an idiot isn't acceptable



blue-eyes: Don't start a back-and-forth argument. Calling someone an idiot isn't okay.



Slime Lord once again: ummmmm... well I suppose there wasn't really anything too wrong with what you said... GOOD POINTING OUT GRAMMAR!!! bad insulting people :(

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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