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new cyber cards

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Cyber asslant

4 stars machine 1000/0

Wile this card is on the field all cards that are in play are instantly destroyed you must pay 1000 points each turn if you cannot this card is destroyed

Cyber assain

2 star machine 1000/0

This card is not effected by cyber asslaints effect also you can bring copies of this card from your deck to the hand

Cyber asssians pledge

Spell countious

This card is not effected by cyber asalients effect wile this card is in play you don?t have to pay 1000 points per turn to keep cyber assain on the field

Reunion of the cyber assains

Spell coutious

This card is unaffected by cyber asslaints effect wile this card is face up on your side of the field you cannot lose by not being able to draw a card

Cyber grounds

Spell field

This card ca is in play monsters with cyber in its name arnt destroyed by spells traps and monster effects


Countuious spell

This card can only be played when cyber assain is on the field this card is not effected by monster effects that destroy it each turn you can pay halve of your life points if you do your oppoint must discon the field you don?t have to pay anything as a cost of activitieing a card with cyber in its name effect

Return of the cyber legacy

Spell quick play

You can only activate this card by paying all but 100 of your life points when you have no monsters on the field

Return as many monster cards with cyber in its name from you graveyard to the field as possible

Final blow


This card can only be activate when the difference between you oppoint and you life points is 7000 or more

This turn only all cards with cyber in its name can atack your oppoints life points directly at the end of the turn this card is phis monster cant atack or switch it battle position

Cyber dragon hunter

2100/0 machine fusion

Cyber dragon + cyber asslant this card is unaffected by cyber assains effect wile this card remains on the field all cyber dragon cards cannot be the tar machine ritual effect

8 star ?/0

This card can only be ritual summoned by the spell card cyber throne the original atack of this card is the number of cyber monsternd in the graveyard x 1000 points this card can as a result of battle

Cyber alliance

Spell equip

This card can only be equipped to cyber monsters increase the attack of the equiped monster by 500 for each monster on the field

Cyber arm

Machine union

4 star 0/0

Once per turn you can equip this card to cyber torso or unequip it and special summom it to yo equiped monster cant be destroyed one union moster can be equiped at a time

Cyber torso

Machine effect 4 star 1600/200

When this monster is summoned you can special summon 1 cyber arms and 1 cyber legs from your deck hand or graveyard

Cyber legs

Machine dark union

If this card is on your side of the field you can equip it to cyber torso when this card js equiped to cyber torso it cant be destroyed also cyber torso can attack directly

Cyber body

Machine fusion lv 6


Cyber arm+cyber leg+cyber torso

This card can be fusion summoned by discarding its fusion material monsters from you deck to the graveyard if summoned this way it is destroyed at the end phase of this turn when this card is destroyed and sent to the graveyard you can special summon the fusion monsters from your graveyard cyber fusion

This cards name is treated as polymirization send the fusion material monsters listed on a cyber fusion to the graveyard to fusion summon that monster it gains 2000 atack

Cyber dark magician

Spellcaster 10 stars


Cyber body+dark magician

This card can attack twice in the same batte phase and it can attack directly also this card gains 100 pontsfor each ?cyber? card

Death of the cyber family

Trap remove all cards with cyber in its name from play in the graveyard gain 4oo points each

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