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Witch one is better  

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I dance my way into the symphonies of destiny.... manuplating the flow of effects... Behold, the power of music, unfettered and unbounded....

Will you overcome beehtoven's greatest performance yet?....




2x Beetoven

3x Musician of Love

3x Musician of Hate

3x Musician of Joy

3x Musician of Misery

3x Musician of Fire

2x Musician of Hope

2x Musician of Control

3x Exiled Force

1x Sangan




1x Symphony of Love

1x Symphony of Hate

1x Symphony of Joy

1x Symphony of Misery

1x Premature Burial

3x Hammer shot

3x Harp of Healing

1x Heavy Storm

1x Mystic space typhoon

1x Hypersonic Jazz




3x Dust tornado

3x Sakretsu armor

1x Song of Love

1x Song of Hate

1x Song of Joy

1x Song of Misery

1x Call of the haunted

1x Torrential Tribute

1x Mirror Force

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Actually, similar to a F.I.N.A.L. deck. Get all the cards needed, and get them on the field, and keep them there until the combo completer is out.

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