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A new form of card has shown itself in my spacfarer set. LAW cards.

So... I make a challenge just for the heck of it. Bet if you wish to.


The goal... to make a set based on law cards. Each set must have at least 5 law cards.


How Law Cards Work:


1. Cannot be negated and discarded.

2. Effects stay active for the remainder of the duel when played.

3. Is a NORMAL magic.

4. The picture on all of them must be the same.


Extra credit if you make a card that searches for them, then removes them from game AFTER they are used.

You can place wagers, but the contest itself will have no prize, except encouragment to make more of such cards. (worth 1 rep)

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dude' date=' have you ever noticed how people always have to ask what your'e talkin about when you post a topic.... maybe you should just make simple stuff........ just say'in[/quote']


Just as Someguy said, you should just make something very simple everyone will understand.


It may be that I am simply HORRIBLE at wording things. I've experienced that for YEARS now.


At least I am not that horrible, but yes, it's a serious problem.

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