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Who Likes Hikaru No Go?  

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  1. 1. Who Likes Hikaru No Go?

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Rating: 89.9


It's easy. Just tell me if, out of 100, where that's the equivalent of a GREAT secret rare in terms of playability, if these cards are within limits, please? Priority is in the order stated.



Musician of Hope - 8* 2700/2100 This monster cannot be special summoned. This monster can only be normal summoned by tributing a monster with 'Harp of healing' equipped to it. When this monster does battle damage, gain life equal to the difference, and search your deck for a card with 'Song of Love' or 'Symphony of Love' and put it into hand. This card may inflict piercing damage.


Musician of Fire - 4* 1800/1500 This card can only be played if your opponent has a fire monster in his deck. If not, this card is destroyed. For every song and symphony in play, inflict 200 points direct damage each standby phase, and increase the attack of this monster by 200.


Musician of Control - 9* 2900/2300 This card cannot be special summoned. This card can only be normal summoned by tributing a musician of love, and a musician of hate. When this monster destroys a monster, you may negate the battle damage to make it shift control to your side of the field until the end of your next turn.

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It's another duel. And HE rated me that high.


It doesn't matter how insanely powerful the cards. It matters how well I played the cards.


So... Q: Did I even once disobey the rules? No. That should grant at least 30/100.


2: He was in a fix. Not heeding the special card, it has him who was foolish.


But yes, I need to word them better. But that's not a duel fault. It's a card fault.


so... I gave myself 60/100, due to how miserably played the situation was. he clearly had tough monsters, and I couldn't do anything about it. And... I even foolishly didn't use the continuous magic when I KNOW I should have in the first place.


so... 60/100, ok?






Q: From 1-100, what would you rate this card?

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Sorry' date=' just like how I don't like the E-Heros, I just don't like your musician cards. I don't know what I would rate it. I would rather use Heavy Storm.[/quote']


Put in layman's terms:


1. 2 specific monsters are needed to play it.

2. It makes you discard 5 cards from your deck.

3. Harpies Feather duster effect.

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I never rated it. And 60/100 isn't all that good. I don't know about you' date=' but where I go to school, if you get a 60 you fail. You have to get a 70 to pass. That is the bare minimum. That is whats called a D.[/quote']


It's based on the ratings of the cards themselves. Nothing to do with a grade.


Put simply:


1. At the end of the duel, based on PERFORMANCE, you give it a rating.

2. Then, that rating is to determine if I can use new cards or not.

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