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Vocabularians: MY creation!


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Forming and making words is all that's vocabularians is about. The goal being nothing less than denying your opponent the chance to form a legal word. One picks a set of letters, and a power, then dukes it out with another. Here's how to initiate:


(1) Pick 2: A - E - I - O - U

(2) Pick 3: R - S - T - L - N

(3) Pick 5 letters not in the first 2.

(4) Choose your power: Add, Subtract, Change.


How to play:


In this game, you can scramble the letters of words, plus add, subtract, and change letters into your personal letters. Adding, Subtracting, and changing is usually limited to 1, but your power allows 2. Example:



done (add & change 1, scramble)

lean (change 2)

sandy (add & change 2)

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Well' date=' it seems like he's trying to say something, but he has hardly any articulation skills at all.[/quote']




You hit it on the nose.


how do you add and subtract letters? Lol... here's an example then:





(add) Trail


In this case, I added a t, and changed the e to i. Just know you cannot subtract and add together, but that's considered change.

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