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yu-gi-oh cd: the first journey


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Hey um cd stands for chaos dueling so here.


CHAPTER 1: The start


Dale Zane was walking down the street. He was looking for his friends they said they would meet him by the river. An hour past then finally he saw them coming. "Sorry we are late" said his friend Joey. "It is okay" said Dale. Then they started to talk about yu-gi-oh. " Jerk you are never going to give up are you". They turned around to see two boys with dark cloaks on. " Seto what are you doing here" said his other friend Bobby. "I was wondering if Dale wanted to battle before we go out on a journey" said Seto. "Sure I'll battle oh and our moms said we could go on a journey to" said Dale. "CRAP" said Seto! They went to a clear spot to battle. "You can go first" said Seto. "Okay I'll draw a card then put two cards face-down then summon cyberfire keel in def mode and end my turn" said Dale. 4000 LP. "I'll draw a card then put one card face-down then summon dark cyber dragon in atk mode now attack his cyberfire keel with dark blast then I end my turn" said Seto. 4000 LP. "I'll draw a card thhen summon donald in def mode then play donald power to summon sora in atk mode now attack his dark cyber dragon with keyblade slash then I end my turn" said Dale. 3900 LP.



next the journey


Well there.

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