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some new cards comin' to the TCG





along with the promo for the 13th structure deck






just some eye candy for cards that will be released in the future

trust me, i know you guys want them.

dont forget my post on Limited Edition 10, you have to see it to believe it

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the 2 promos on the top are available by subscribing to Shonen Jump for a full-year subscription.

the dragon promo comes with the 13th structure deck on June 23rd


(note:13th Structure deck is called Revial Of The Great Dragon, its a dragon deck like the first one, but it focuses on reviving dragons from the graveyard. still not much know about the deck)

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2 new cards from the 13th deck



Dark Blaze Dragon

Fire/Dragon level 7 ATK/1200 DEF/1000

When this card is successfully Special summoned from the graveyard, double this cards ATK and DEF. When this card destroys a monster in battle and it is sent to the graveyard, you opponent takes damage equal to the ATK of the destroyed monster



Prophet Of World Creation

Light/Spellcaster level 4 ATK/1800 DEF/600

Discard on card from your hand. Add one monster with 7 levels or more from your graveyard to your hand. You can only use this effect once per turn


Plus the effect of the dragon i posted earlier

Fel-Grant Dragon

Light/Dragon level 8 ATK/2800 DEF/2800

This card cannot be special summoned after it has been sent from the field to the graveyard. When this card is special summoned from the graveyard, select 1 monster in your graveyard. This card gains ATK equal to the level of the selected monster x200

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oh yeah, i almost forgot.


Yu-gi-oh GX Tag Force 2


Release Date: July 26. Language: Hopefully English


The Promos



Mad Reloder

Dark/Fiend level 1 ATK/0 DEF/0

When this monster is destroyed and sent to the graveyard, send 2 cards from your hand to the graveyard, than draw 2 cards



Demon Temple's Bribe

Counter Trap

Negate the activation of a Spell or Trap. Your opponent draws 1 card



Chaos Burst

Normal Trap

This card can only be activated when your opponent declares an attack. Tribute 1 monster on your side of the field to destroy the attacking monster. After that, your opponent loses 1000 life points


im sorry but those were the best pictures i could get

these cards were used by that Ra Yellow villain in the 3rd season of the Yu-gi-oh GX anime

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Well Shaco, the Secret Rares in Strike of Neos are in the 11th structure deck

same thing with the secret rares in Force of the breaker that are in the 12th deck.


there arent any new cards in the 11th and 12th structure decks that arent in English.


and im pretty sure the 13th decks promos will be in the next booster pack, Gladiators Assault


from what ive heard, E-Hero Chaos Neos is on the cover, new alien and six samurai support cards will be in it along with cards from Adrian Gecko and Jim Cook from the 3rd Season of the Yu-gi-oh GX anime

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i know. i hate it too :cry:


but thats why i save up my money to buy the box, which usually cost around $100


FLASHBACK: i remember when Elemental Energy was the biggest pack out, i got a whole box, and got some sweet cards including ultra rare E-Hero Wildheart.

But theres no shame in trying

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i have a "job",if you will, at my school that i get paid for. At the end of the week, i'll proabably get a box at the end of the week. i wanna get a box of FOTB and when LE10 comes out tommorow, i wanna try to get the first pack, maybe the second.


if ya dont know what im talkin about, read my limited edition 10 post

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sorry for double post, but Shaco, ive just recieved news that the 13th structure deck WILL be comming out in English, as well as the 2nd starter deck that will bring Cyber-Tech Alligator to english. for some reason, konami decided to skip the 11th and 12th decks due to "their apparent 'pass' on their chance to print them now". also the 13th deck will bring Foolish Burial and Malevolent Catastrophe in english. If u want me to post those cards and translate them, i will

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for some reason' date=' konami decided to skip the 11th and 12th decks due to "their apparent 'pass' on their chance to print them now".[/quote']


Oh thats just great :x . Finally when there is a structure deck I want, they decide to skip it. Not only would have the Light Structure Deck be great for my current light deck, but it also would have helped my Zerato/Fairy deck I'm making. Guess I gotta go and get a whole bunch of Secret Rares :x .

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well, thats most of the latest card info news, so far. i'll keep looking in on any new stories. if there is anything, any stories, cards, rumors that you want me to look into, just post them here and ill keep you up-to-date on the latest info


(P.S. If you guys have any "insider information" please, post 'em here)

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well its me, back on the internet super wireless highway..thing...to let you in on the latest info involving the TCG


recently the OCG has been throwing out single promo cards like



Angel 07

Light/Fairy Level 7 ATK/2500 DEF/1500

if this card is tribute summoned it gets the following effect

- While this card is face-up on the field, the effects of effect monsters cannot be activated





The Big Saturn

Dark/Machine Level 8 ATK/2800 DEF/2200

You cannot special summon this card from your deck or your hand. Discard 1 card from your hand and pay 1000 life points to incease this cards ATK by 1000 points until the End Phase of this turn. This cards effect can only be used once per turn during your Main Phase. When this card is destroyed by a card effect controlled by your opponent and sent to the graveyard, inflict damage to both palyers life points equal to this cards original ATK.


it seems like they only make so many of these only in japanese, i mean they even have more commin, check these out


armoroid gaidengo



belial, marquis of darkness



and armoroid gaidengo is a fusion of tankroid, shuttleroid, and navyroid, all of them in the manga.

the OCG is trying to make these into V-Jump subscriber promos SOMETIME this year

hopefully, if armoroid gaidengo is commin out, the 3 fusion-material monsters will come out in the future too.



(P.S. the OCG GX Card Almanac has three promos. the pics i have are bad but ill try to post them anyway)


(P.P.S i dont know the ATK or DEF gaidengo or beliel since they havent been made into cards yet)

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oh yes, me again, it really is boring when nothing new that could shake the world comes out, not even a sliver of info.


but im trying to make due with what we have and what little info we have


so here are some sweets to peel you over til deck #13 comes out June 23rd


again, im sorry, but these are the best pics i could get




Blizzard Dragon

Water/Dragon Level 4 ATK/1800 DEF/1800

Once per turn, you can select one monster on your opponents side of the field that your opponent controls. Until your opponents next End Phase, the selected monster cannot attack or change battle position




Metal Shooter

Light/Machine Level 5 ATK/800 DEF/800

When this card is normal summoned, place 2 counters on this card. This card gains 800 ATK poitns for each counter placed on this card by this effect. If this card is destroyed by a card effect, remove one counter on this card to negate the effect




Death Mosquito

Dark/Insect Level 3 ATK/500 DEF/500

When this card is normal summoned, place 2 counters on this card. This card gains 500 ATK poitns for each counter placed on this card by this effect. If This card is destroyed by a card effect, remove 1 counter from this card to negate the effect


these cards are promos that come with the OCG Card Almanac



thats right. The OCG Card Almanac is for the DS commin out sometime this year

what it does have is a digital imagebook with a card library and a lifepoint calculator.

hopefully this card will have the FOTB cards, maybe, just maybe, the Tactical Evolution cards commin August 4th.



its not a fusion of the gods, but hey, if you dont know all the cards, this could be helpful, i dont know why but, well, if you have nothin left to do.....this could help. thats all i have for now.

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im sick of posting over and over again, but this is short. Tactical Evolution's Sneak Preview will be August 4, a long time from now, but at least we know when it will be.


comments, concerns, anything? (ive said this so many times and im sick of it)

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Ive got some more news (not like anyone reads it anyway, but)


A "Starter Deck Jaden Yuki" is said to be comming out in the TCG, an English version of the OCG 2007 Special Edition deck.

There are also rumors of a "Starter Deck Syrus Truesdale" in production.


The Tactical Evolution Sneak Preview, btw, will be on August 4h.


But heres, the biggest news.


Premium Pack 1 will be comming to the TCG sometime in August with 15 cards only in the OCG, it will contain cards like







Cant wait, can you? Comments, Concerns, Anything?

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