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Power Of The Paladins


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Ok so this is my new set.It is called Power Of The Paladins.I will make the monsters first then go to Spells/Traps.I hope you enjoy them :mrgreen:










Two different Holo Versions^^


Spells N Traps: (will update later)



Please Rate ^_^

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don't say points when doing ATK or DEF

and very slightly overpowerd =/



Ok I'll change it ^_^


seems even and fair' date='but you'd need alot of monsters in the graveyard.Ok picture,and since Warriors are my favorite kind of monster,It's 9/10 for me.This card could be a signature card for some people.[/quote']


Thanks :P

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Some Grammar errors' date=' nice idea.



ya I changed them, and thanks ^_^


Cool' date=' btw, are you gonna make more for this? It can work out well in a few decks ^_^[/quote']


I might, I don't know yet, and ya it would work well in some decks ^_^



Also I updated the card :P

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Really sorry for double post........but my thread was at the 2nd page of Realistic becuz of all the new cards People are making....anway:


I added The Wind one and the Dark one(sorry for it having the same name as the real one :()


Edit: Also added 2 holo versions of the last one before I make Spells and Traps, it's called Master paladin :)


Please rate ^_^

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