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Shadow Avian's Requests


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I'm going to do like CrazyKev and make a request thread so this forum want be so crowded but I will keep updating this when I want a request but I want 2 requests now



1st Request: Booster Pack


Name: Assault Of The Assasins

Payment: 30 points


2nd Request: Pic Finding


Looks Of The Pic(s): A assasin like warrior and must look anime-ish and fit on a card.

Payment: 20-30 points (on how good it is)


3rd Request: Putting A Background On A Pic


What To Do: I want some1 to put this background on this pic.

Payment: 40 points


4th Request: Duelist Pack


What To Do: You know how Jaden has a duelist pack I need one here is the name and pic

Name: Blake Rite Duelist Pack

Payment: 10 points

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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