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Chronicles of Magick Contest


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Heyas everyone! Been a while since I did a contest, so, to celebrate the finish of my new set "Chronicles of Magick", I am hosting a contest. Here are the rules.


-You must create 2 monsters (at least one has to be a Spell Chapter monster) , 2 Spells Cards and 2 Trap Cards supporting either the monsters you create or the set in general.


-I will be judging on OCG, the art you use and uniqueness


-Do not make them overpowered.


-To avoid any potential problems, that almost happened in my last contest, you are not allowed to use the same art that someone else has used for a card.


-You are allowed to edit the cards as much as u want, but no editing is allowed after the contest deadline.


The contest will end on Feburary 20! Good Luck to all! :3


For information on my set, click on my "Chronicles of Magick" Banner! ^^


Almost forgot the Prizes!


1st Place: 3 Rep

2nd Place: 2 Rep

3rd Place: 1 Rep and 10 Points

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Entry Reserved' date=' Kei-Kun! :3 Nice to see you back.



Hey, how's it going? I have been here for a while though, but I have been doing a lot of so-so cards >.> I've been determined to create a great set and well, i believe i have. Thanks for entering! ^^

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*nods* ok... I'm in.


Well these are at least the first drafts for my entries... as a whole, the theme is mostly Recycling (one of my favorite themes). After Ritual Summoning Zodiac, you can activate its effect and retrieve several Spell cards from your Graveyard to your deck, subsequently drawing new cards - a refreshing addition, should the opponent summon something strong enough to take on a 3200-power monster. Re-Write moves a Spell Chapter monster you just used back to your hand, ready to summon once again. Magick Treasury allows you to prepare your monsters directly from your deck, in order to put them to Spell Contents and use their effects. Arduous Research will send any not-wanted monsters on your Spell Contents (perhaps low-level ones that you don't find useful at that moment) and give you drawing power, as well as the potential to place any newly-drawn Spell Chapter monsters directly on your Spell Contents. Finally, Dark Zodiac is your typical, impossible-to-summon-but-uber-win monster, that I might change.






Offer any number of "Spell Chapter" monsters from your hand or your side of the field or from the "Spell Contents" whose total Level stars equal 12 or more as a Tribute to Special Summon "Spell Chapter Ultima: Zodiac" from your hand or your deck to your side of the field. This Summon is treated as a Ritual Summon.


This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by the effect of "Spell Chapter Ultimate Circle". When this card is treated as a Spell card by the effect of "Tome of Sealed Magick", select up to five Spell cards in your Graveyard and place them into your Deck. Shuffle your Deck afterwards, then draw 2 cards.




You can only activate this card when a "Spell Chapter" monster is activated as a Spell card from the "Spell Contents". After the effect is activated, move the selected monster to your hand instead of sending it to the Graveyard.


Select up to three "Spell Chapter" monsters from your deck and remove them from play. During the End Phase of each of your opponent's turns after this card's activation, select one "Spell Chapter" monster that has been removed from play by this card's effect and add it to "Spell Contents". This card is destroyed during the third turn after activation.




Send any number of "Spell Chapter" monsters from the "Spell Contents" to the Graveyard (These monsters do not return to the "Spell Contents" by the effect of "Tome of Lost Magick"). Draw a number of cards from your deck equal to the number of "Spell Chapter" monsters sent to the Graveyard by this card's effect. Any "Spell Chapter" monsters drawn by this card's effect are automatically placed on the "Spell Contents". Any non-"Spell Chapter" monsters drawn by this card's effect are removed from play.


This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except by offering one face-up "Tome of Sealed Magick" on your side of the field and 12 different "Spell Chapter" monsters with different card names from your side of the field or from the "Spell Contents". This card cannot be destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. During the End Phase of the seventh turn after this card has been Special Summoned successfully, the controller of this card automatically wins the duel.




Please tell me what you think of them.

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