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All right. The contest is about making 6-9 cards max on cool cards with weird types and attributes to go along with it. It has to make sense and it cannot be cards you have already created. Example:A Rock Spellcaster, etc.

Disqualification(s) and penalties for:

-Using cards already made.

-Copying other cards people have already made.

-Copying cards from the TCG/OCG.

-Grammer issues.

-Unbalanced cards.

-Any sort of disturbing images of "stuff".



-Play well and Good Luck.

-Prize=6 REP and 200points!! (O.K not as many points as you thought:(...but those reps:shock:....you like?:))


-Contest ends This Wednesday!!!!(Jan 30. 2008)

Good Luck, Silencerleader over and out. :D

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