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YCmaker Magazine Week 1-1/27/08 PLZ LOCK


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Ok this is Week 1's Magazine It is just a Cover the rest of the book is on this post enjoy:post_334537_1246992929_870769e2b6d18b9adde5b885a580aaeb_thumb.attachCards of the Week[/size]


1.post_74906_1246955552_39899f992c7609f467e63111100643ca_thumb.attachMost Friendly Account [/size]

The winner is:sythcaris

Prize:1 rep



PAGE 4:Best Card Creator

The Best Card Creator is:...bhim xD

Prize:1 rep


PAGE 5:Best Card Creator(Continued)

bhim xD won because of the Set:Advent of The Cosmos.

Some of the work is on PAGE 2.

Great Effort bhim xD


PAGE 6:Card Help

If you're going to make a card correctly you must Capitalize.(Any Phase of Turn,Card's Name,All Summons.)


PAGE 7:Card Help(Continued)

You must also Punctuize.(Put "(NAME OF CARD)",Put a comma after a word in a list.)


PAGE 8:Card Help(Continued)

Finally You must never do this:

( NAME: )feltred mouse

( Effect: )this card may destroy 5 cards your opponent controls

( ATK: )9999

( DEF: )9999.


Back Of Magazine:

Advertising Available

Shop Advertising,

Card Advertising).

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