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What do you think of this banner?


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I truely like it... alot... and since i stink at gimp/photoshop... i really am jealous of any one who is good at it...


Thanks lol ^_^



The border is rude' date=' it's simple, colorless and made with GIMP, but...





Except, maybe the text. The text looks bad. IT RUINS IT!!!




Yah I know the border sux XD, and I meant for the banner to be black and white,and thanks ^_^


and ya the text stinks too, it was the best I could find, I know how to find brushes but not any kind of text lol :lol:

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O.O wow one of the best gimp banners i have seen 9/10

and the image could be a tiny bit better rinderd but other than that i love it

edit: color would ruwen it by the way im glad its black and white


Thank You Wolf :)


Thats means alot coming from probably the best graphics artist guy on here ^_^

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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