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Does anyone do Pokemon+Trainer crossover splices?

Kingdom Xathers

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I can? Why?


ASHJE!!!! *glomps you gratefully* Thanks a lot!


Anyway' date=' I was thinking of using the sprites in a bit of a project on another site. What I'm hoping, at the most, is four sprites made with the Diamond/Pearl Trainer and Pokemon sprites. You don't have to do them all, but even if you do one, I'll be grateful! :)


Here's a reference of what characters I need:



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Will Try. Edit this post when done. Is the Second One Raichu or Pikachu? Ok got the Cubone one:



The first one is a Marowak. Second one's a Raichu. Third is Arcanine and fourth is Smeargle (though I don't think I needed to tell you that. :P )


Is it alright if I help pick out the Trainer bases?


This one's for the Arcanine:



This one's for the Raichu:



And this one's for the Smeargle:


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