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Gladiator Beast Deck 2.0

EHERO Andrew

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Phantom Darkness has finally come with new Gladiator Beast support cards! And I gotta say, summoning Heraklinos and kicking ass has just gotten easier!


Note: The BOLDED names are the new cards from PTDN



GB Heraklinos x2

GB Gaiodiaz x3


Monsters: 20

GB Laquari x3

GB Darius x2 (When Special Summoned by a GB, Special Summon 1 GB from the Graveyard, but effect is negated)

GB Hoplomus x2

GB Bestiari

GB Secutor

GB Dimicari x2

GB Octavius

GB Alexander

GB Spartacus

GB Murmillo x3

Test Tiger x3


Spells: 8

Gladiator Beast's Battle Manica x2

Gladiator Beast's Battle Archfiend Shield x2 (Bubble Blaster for Gladiators)

Gladiator Proving Ground x2 (Emergency Call for Gladiators)

Gladiator's Respite x2


Traps: 12

Double Tag Team x2 (When a GB is Special Summoned, you can Special Summon 1 GB from your hand or Deck)

Waboku x3

Defensive Tactics x3

Parry x2

Disarm x2

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Oh, come on guys, you can reply on this one. It's not a Hero deck, that's for sure. Gladiators are one of my most favorite decks. They are fun and unpredictable. Now with these new support cards, it gets even more fun!


BTW, I do have GB Andal, but since he's a normal monster, he's kinda useless in his deck, so that's why he is not in it.


Please rate!

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DTT is actually good. Why is spartacus/Gaiodiaz in there? There both terrible.


Dimacari to three, alexander to two, Octavius out NOW, beastiary to two or three, holmp to three, mirror force, torrential, Prem, MST, Heavy storm, Pulling the Rug x1 and possibly Brain Control all in. I don't like disarm or parry, but if they work, then I'll let it be. If they don't, then out for three bribes and Vortex.

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seriously, I can summon heraklinos in two turns. It's not that hard. Now I admit that gladiators are better in contact fusion than neo-spacians, bc their effects make them contact fuse faster. With darius, I can bring back heraklinos from the graveyard and use him for contact fusion to put him back to the fusion deck so I can summon him again. And that is why I love this deck.

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